RARE Gardenia Flower Maceration Essential Oil 15ml- Infusion/organic blossoms of real Gardenia flowers



Gardenia Flower Maceration Essential oil 15ml 

Five ***** Review

Gardenia jasminoides

Extracted from Organic Gardenia Flowers.

Wild Harvested and Handcrafted with love and care. 

The raw material of flower blossoms are macerated in Fractionated coconut oil which is repeated three times. You will be so pleased with this lovely blend. Gardenia Essential Oil comes as an infusion maceration of organic wild-harvested blossoms and is long-lasting in the aroma. This oil is of very high quality that blends very well with Sandalwood oil, Jasmine,Rose, and Ylang Ylang. We even love this with Frankincense too.

The sweet, heady scent of Gardenia, carried on a warm breeze, is one of the most delightful experiences of the season. The process starts when bloom and harvest season starts and ends in early winter when the oil is finished and ready to be bottled.

Detox, acute infections, and inflammations. cleanses and purifies the blood, and an antipyretic, fever with its cooling properties, sore throats, swollen joints, headaches.

About Our Ancient Shemen Process:

We use only the ancient process of creating the best infusion maceration essential oil. A highly skilled person can bring out the very best infused oils and the healing properties are equal to distilled essential oil but come with a carrier oil. We use Fractionated Coconut Oil Sweet Israeli Almond oil or-or some cases we can use also Jojoba as the solvent to absorb all the fat-soluble properties of the plants or resins. This an extremely long process.

Macerations are essential oils but more, as they have all the fat-soluble parts of the plant and resins that are too large to be distilled into Essential oil compounds. The scent is not always as strong as the essential oil but in some cases is stronger depending on the plant materials used.

The essential oil properties are still there and are a very powerful compound that heals and works the same. These oils last just as long and at the same time, they bring with them their own carrier oils that have an amazing shelf life. PLEASE NOTE: We do not use alcohol or any other unsafe solvents to create our maceration Essential Oil.

Utilizing the Ancient power of Nature’s Essence to bring balance your Spirit, to heal the body, and awaken the Mind.~Rambam (Jewish Doctor and Mishna Sage in Cairo’s Jewish community 1135-1204 BCE)

(On Hemophilia safety essential oils list see website aytzchayim.com

Recent reviews:

*****Feb 5, 2019 Link to review  Lovely product. And Rivka is so knowledgeable and helpful. Good communication and very fast shipping. I highly recommend her products! EDIT: Now that I’ve had some time to sit with and use this maceration, I just wanted to add in how much I enjoy working with it, and that a little goes such a long way, pretty much the same as with a distilled preparation. Also, the samples that I received are exceptional, and I am so happy to have found Rivka’s shop. What a treat for all of us to have someone educated and knowledgeable sharing her wares.

***** Nov 2, 2019   Exquisite and wonderful scent. The seller kept me updated on the shipping and is helpful. Hope to buy more of her essential oils.

***** Jan 30, 2020   Gardenia is one of my favorite year-round scents and this is amazing.❤️ If you are buying your oils from another seller you are buying from the wrong person. Rivka has the best oils ever and is so willing to help you find what you need. Thank you Rivka and I love you!

*****Nov 16, 2020  I took a chance on this oil considering I’ve never worked with a macerated product before and I’m so glad I did! I’m using it the way I typically use essential oils. It’s absolutely gorgeous and very powerful. Highly recommend!


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