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Gardenia Absolute 2ml Essential Oil- RARE
(poured into a 5ml Blue glass bottle)

Gardenia Grandiflora-OW

Natural Solvent Extracted

Flower / Blossoms

Thick viscous light to dark brown amber oil 

Country of Origin: Israel

 Our Gardenia Abs is harvested and produced on a Kibbutz in Northern Israel then is extracted by natural ethanolic extraction of the concrete, it is produced from the flower blossoms of Gardenia grandiflora put to soak and then recharged with new flowers for several weeks and then are strained, then put in a pressure crucible machine, and hours later you have beautiful absolute oil. Batches are small but oh-so-gorgeous.

Very balanced (contains top, middle, and bottom notes) – can be worn alone as a perfume

Calming irritability cools blood, clears heat, reduces swelling, bruising from trauma., hemostatic, injuries in muscles, joints, and tendons, infections, bladder infections (hematuria), abscesses, jaundice, blood in urine, sputum or stool, pain, nose bleeds, fever, cold and flu relief, healing wounds,  menopausal imbalances such as sleepiness, depression, nervous tension, headache, and dizziness

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