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Gardenia & Jasmine Bliss ®™ Maceration Essential Oil Blend


We used a combination of flowers Gardenia jasminoides and Jasminum grandiflorum and Jasminum officinalis. We use only REAL  Organic fresh picked and hand dried flower petals blossoms of Jasmine and Gardenia Maceration/infused into Israeli Jojoba Oil and Israeli Virgin Coconut Oil.

The process is repeated three (3) times over a period of six (3) months to achieve the strongest aroma for each batch. From gathering, drying, and creating the oil takes a lot of blossoms, patience, and time. It is kind of a mashup of maceration technique and enfleurage process. Aroma is a very heady strong sweet honeyed slightly tart floral notes. Both Gardenia and Jasmine really come through and both have an exquisitely floral aroma that is uniquely their own.


This combination has been used for centuries for calming irritability, cools blood, clears heat, reduces swelling, stagnant blood or bruising, hemostatic, injuries in muscles, joints, and tendons, infections, Viral infections, nose bleeds, fever, influenza, respiratory, healing small cuts or wounds, hepatitis, menopausal imbalances such as sleepiness, depression, nervous tension, headache, and dizziness.

This oil may become solid in cold temperatures. So store in a cool dry dark place, but not in the refrigerator. Just hold the bottle for just a few minutes in your hands to warm the bottle until the oil becomes liquid again.

About Ancient Shemen Process:

We use only the ancient process of creating the best infusion maceration essential oil is the original perfume of ancient times. A highly skilled person can bring out the very best infused oils and the healing properties are equal to distilled essential oil but come with a carrier oil. We use Fractionated Coconut Oil Sweet Israeli Almond oil or-or some cases we can use also Jojoba, Bassabu oil, or Sweet Date Palm oil as the natural solvent oil to absorb all the fat-soluble whole molecule properties of the plants, flowers. or resins.

Macerations are essential oils but more, as they have all the fat-soluble parts of the plant and resins that are too large to be distilled into Essential oil compounds. The scent is not always as strong as the essential oil but in some cases is stronger depending on the plant materials used. The essential oil properties are still there and are a very powerful compound that heals and works the same. These oils last just as long and at the same time, they bring with them their own carrier oils that have an amazing shelf life, so they are ready to use. PLEASE NOTE: We do not use alcohol or any other unsafe solvents to create our maceration infusions. Use in bath, blend with other essential oils, use a few drops into more carrier oil as a massage oil. There is no limit to how these can be used.

Utilizing the Ancient power of Nature’s Essence to bring balance your Spirit, to heal the body, and awaken the Mind.~Rambam (Jewish Doctor and Mishna Sage in Cairo’s Jewish community 1135-1204 BCE)

(On Hemophilia safety essential oils list see website

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