“It is Meritorious to anoint our Bodies for healing because our bodies are a miniature image of the Holy Temple” ~E. Rivka Sari


עץ חיים שׁמנים אתריים

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Each of our products expertly crafted and all are  hand-poured. We have over 350 Pure Organic Wildcrafted Essential Oils, Synergy Blends & Torah Inspired Blends. We also offer a wide array of natural home, skincare, and body products that are kind to the environment.

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Frankincense, Myrrh, Palo Santo, Gum Arabic, Copal, and Slash Pine



The heavy fragrant resins were placed in an Israeli made clay jar in Israel for 18 days in a dry, cool place to absorb the energy of the Holy Land of ISRAEL and it is then packaged for market or distilled by traditional method in Israel for it lovely Essential oil. This process is what we call “Holy Land Charged” Resins. This gives our resin a higher energy and frequency for healing.

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Aytz Chayim Aroma- we’re a small family of Artisan distillers that have a great passion for high-quality organic and wildcrafted products. We feel that aromatherapy is a whole body, mind, and spiritual experience. We started in 1996 and sold over 30million bottles of oils since. We keep our company small so we can guard the quality of our products.


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The old school term “essential oil” means “a thick or thin volatile oil, usually having the characteristic odor or flavor of the plant from which it is obtained or extracted, used to make perfumes and flavorings.” From old school definition, any of a class of extracted thick or thin volatile oils that give plants their characteristic odors and are used especially in perfumes, flavorings, and for aromatherapy.” This means any oil extracted from plant material such as tree/bush resins, stems, bark, flower, leaf, and herbs is an essential oil.


This means any oil extracted by Steam Distilled, Hydro-distilled, Absolute, Maceration, Enfleurage, and CO2 are all “essential oils” by definition and these oils just have different extraction methods which come from plants.


We gathered up some of the rarest, high-quality essential oils the world has to offer. We carry Israeli essential oils made up of botanicals found in different regions of Israel that are handcrafted and distilled on little family-owned private farms in Israel! We also carry essential oils and carrier oils produced in a variety of regions in Israel that are privately sourced from small-scale organic farms and distilleries. Each country has unique soil and climate conditions. Those conditions lead to unique oils native to the region. We bring the best oils from around the world together for our customers to enjoy.


With years of experience in the Aroma Holistic community, Rivka Sari Master Clinical Aromatherapist & Artisan Distiller studied under, Israel’s own Pioneer Master Aromatherapist Avraham Sand, Certified Master Aromatherapist, Laurie Blockman of the United Kingdom, Certified Master Clinical Aromatherapist, and Marlene Mitchell Certified Master Clinical Aromatherapist of Canada. See Complete Bio page. 


Aytz Chayim Aroma has a wide selection of over 150 pure, organic, wildcrafted, or wild-harvested essential oils in stock. Pesticide, herbicides, and GMO-free!



All our resins are from reliable and sustainable resources and are distilled in Israel After the resins have sat in a covered clay pot for 18 (Chai) days in a special corner of our garden in the Holy Land of Israel, only then is distilled according to the traditional method. We call these ”Holy Land Charged” oils. Israeli products have been grown, distilled, bottled sourced according to the principles of organic farming and ethical sustainability.




Essential Grown and Distilled from Israel, Holy Land, Rimon Farms, Negev Oil, Holy Land Herbs, Jerusalem, Moshav, Kibbutzim, Ein Geidi, Jericho Valley, Elat, Dead Sea, Arava, Chevron, Eretz Yisroel, Handcrafted, Pure essential oils, Shemen, Kosher, wall of kotel Wester Wall, Shamrom.


Pictured: Organic Lime, Sweet Orange, Blood Orange, Blue Cypress, and Frankincense.


We are one of the few purveyors of true enfleurage essential oils. These are rare organic oils that are made with many hours of labor made with love and care.


For Aromatherapy treatment and healing purposes, we are convinced that it pays to buy only quality, a very worthwhile investment in aroma treatments of enjoyment, safety, and optimum health benefits. Thank you in Advance for choosing to Shop with Us today! Your Business is greatly appreciated.


“And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this site and on that side, shall grow every tree for food, whose leaf shall not wither, neither shall the fruit thereof fail; it shall bring forth new fruit every month because the waters that come out of the sanctuary; and the fruit shall be for food and the leaf for healing medicine.” Eze 47:1


“Know that each herb has its own poetry and melody.”


דע לך שכל עשב ועשב יש לו שירה וניגון משלו


Since we are a small, one-family operation we have to keep our operation very simple and streamlined. We are a small company amidst many larger companies. We buy our oils in relatively small amounts and or we distill many of our oils in smaller batches, hence our stock is constantly changing and stays fresh. Some oils we have only one size we receive once a year and when it is gone we will not have it until the next year. In the world of Essential oils of natural quality aromatics, even the same genus and species of an oil can vary in olfactory characteristics from batch to batch and there are many reasons for this like how the plant grew that year, how much rain it got that year and so on. If you require consistency in olfactory profile, again it would be best to order from a larger company that buys oils in extra large amounts.


Contact us for modest larger sizes of oils such as 1 oz, 2 oz, & 4 oz size bottles. Please note not all of our essential oils are available in these sizes.
The Cost of Shipping flat rate will not apply and will be higher in cost due to regulations of shipping these larger sizes of essential oils worldwide. There is more required paperwork and documents that must accompany these sizes so there is an expense to ship with UPS or FedEx or Express Mail and regulation must be followed. We are a small company and will put our small company in jeopardy by not following the set guidelines to ship larger sizes.


Please allow 10 days to ship for these modest larger size orders


USA 1-541-543-9014 or ISRAEL – EMAIL US
Please Note: We do not furnish batch specific GC/MS. We also do not offer third-party organic certification paperwork. We do however privately check and test oils from time to time to be sure that the purity of the oil has not changed. We pay for these tests just to help us to keep a high-quality control of every oil we sell that we ourselves did not produce.


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About Our products:

 We work closely with growers, farms, and small distilleries to ensure you are getting good high-quality oils and depend on their GS reports and seeing their process in person. We also will not provide any batch specific GS report we do not always pay for tests of our own distilled oils. Since we already know our process of distillation from beginning to end it would be unproductive to test every batch we do ourselves. Since we are not a wholesale company this is completely too expensive to do every batch we make. If you require batch specific GC/MS analysis or organic certification documentation then it will be better to work with a company larger company than our little family-owned business.


Essential Grown and Distilled from Israel, Holy Land, Rimon Farms, Negev Oil, Joppa, Jaffa, Haifa, Jerusalem, Moshavim, Kibbutzim, Elat, Dead Sea, Arava, Chevron, Eretz Yisroel, Handcrafted, Pure essential oils, Shemen, Kosher, the wall of Kotel Western Wall, Almog, Shamrom, Ein Geidi, Jericho Valley. 





The Essential Oils that we personally distill are plant and resin materials that are organic, wild-harvested, and consciously sourced. This ensures top-quality, unadulterated products suitable for therapeutic and aromatherapy use. Our Essential Oil Blends are hand mixed in small batches, all bottles are sealed with tamper-evident caps and a reducer for accurate dosing.



Essential oils from Israel are the highest in energy and vitality.
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Consult your physician if you have a medical condition or are taking any medications before using any of our products. You are ultimately responsible for your own health and choice. The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


We believe in Empowering people with plants. Wellness is more than the absence of ill-health, it is a personal journey and state-of-mind that must be cultivated from within. But you are not alone G-d is with you and the plants He made are with you. We do believe in a Higher Power Our Creator G-d Almighty who give us the wisdom to chose the right medicines we need from plants, herbs and resins. We gained this skill from Garden of Eden when we were left with the holy divine sense of smell.

Rivka Sari PhD, CCMA, HBA, CCT, CTAC

Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist and Herbalist, Aytz Chayim Aroma®™ Torah Aromatherapy School ®™ Tree of Life Wellness Center and School ®™

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YES, WE ARE OPEN! We ship Mon and Thurs every week. Shipping $9 Flat Rate anywhere in the USA. FREE 5ml Pumpkin Spice Essential oil Blend with any $55 Order Bonus Spend $100 and get a free Pumpkin Spice 5ml & Lemon 10ml Essential Oil. Does not include shipping cost in total purchase Dismiss