Incense and Resin

One should always avoid incense that is made specifically for idol worship which is 99% of what you will find today on the market. Most are natural material mixed with synthetic fragrances. Our incense blends are considered kosher to use. The rule is long as it is made from natural materials and botanical fragrances. It is best to make your own incense, or have it specially made for you with carefully selected materials. This is why we chose to make our own incense without having to deal with all the garbage out there on the market.

For a Natural botanical aromatic material, if one enjoys the fragrance (even when made into incense), one is obliged to make a Blessing. But for a synthetic chemical fragrance (including used in incense), one is forbidden to make a Blessing. That is just one of many reason why we would never use synthetic fragrances. On a fragrance energetic level, that is the dividing line between holiness and profanity. We make our Natural all Organic incense so one can make a blessing over it and enjoy it. You can be worry free of the idol stigma and negative energy attached to using incense because we make our incense with Kiddusha, Lishma, and Kavannah (holiness and complete concentration for use for mitzvah only). We can make also a custom requested blend too just tailored for you.

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