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“Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over” Pslam 23:5

“Oil for the lamps, spices for the anointing oil and for the fragrant incense” Exodus 25:6 

In ancient history of the Jewish people, many of our Sages referred to the presence of G-d as a sweet smell. A little earthy, sweet, balsamic, woody and warm. When G-d met Moses on Mount Sinai he sent him back with an oil to anoint the Holy Temple, altar, it’s furnishings and the Priest and Kings. No one is to replicate that oil according Exodus 30!

The sweet citrus, resinous, piney, spicy, warm, pungent, and woody smell creates and atmosphere for you in a sacred place to Pray and speak with G-d, to totally communicate with reverence. Pray; Ask G-d for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and for what you may desire that is in His will. It will manifest by Emuna (faith). Another way to get to a place in G-d is through deep connection and of pure worship, opening up your heart completely, asking for nothing and ready to receive all the blessings He has to offer. Pursuing with all of your heart, mind and soul.

The Holy Temple Priests knew the power of the anointing oil. The sick were anointed and were healed! Some ingested as medicine too, but we anoint not to cure, but to heal completely! This oil has been set apart for just that. “Make me whole again”

Close to 200 references speak of oil to soothe dry skin, oil to honor guests, oil to mark a sacred place, oil to solemnize a commitment, oil to comfort, oil to consecrate, oil to heal, oil to anoint priests, prophets, and kings, and so does the pages of G-d’s Holy Torah are anointed with His oil.

The blend of resins was used for the anointing oil and only the anointing oil was a type of the anointing of the Ruach.  Jewish Sages tell us that “The fragrance of the anointing oil was unique. If someone went near a Priest of the  Holy Temple, it would be said immediately, ‘I smell an anointed man. This is how Moshiach will judge us is through the sense of smell.

It is how we will recognize Moshiach, we will say I smell the Kadosh Shemen (holy oil)!’ The aroma, the pungency, the fragrance were there. Such an anointing could not be kept a secret.” The Sages further say the anointed meant  complete healing and that is what Moshiach (messiah) would bring to the world. The word Moshiach means anointed one.”

Prayers unto G-d our Creator is my first action I do before blending, infusing and customizing any oils, salves, butters, and even before distilling essential oils. May G-d impart brochos (blessings) upon your head and a covering of his Holy garment of His Ruach over your life.

Our Anointing oil

Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Frankincense and Myrrh mixed with infusions of Nard of Wild Lavender
Holy Anointing Oil 15ml size come with roller top or Euro Dropper.

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