Water has a Memory of the Divine G-d from the beginning of creation

“Water is a liquid computer or fluid computer and you are made of approximately 80% of water some of us are less than others but nonetheless you are made of water. We must respect water because it is a memory holder. Water was there in the very beginning when it was created so it has a memory of the Divine G-d and the beautiful Garden of Eden when man was placed there. How we think and treat our bodies are water records that and it needs to be treated with respect. How we treat our bodies water changes everything within us. If one has negative thoughts and do negative things our water records its environment and one can become sick. We need to stop trying to change its program. If a person is filled with anger hatred jealousy fear unkindness have an unforgiving heart then waters become polluted and cannot function properly and therefore sickness will come. We need to stop the chemical warfare of filling our bodies with junk food, drugs, using synthetic products that pollute our water. The life making materials such as water are being treated badly and we were expecting it to be well-behaved within our bodies when consumed. When we treat it bad with our negative thoughts and actions. We can pollute it with outside invasions from chemicals and bad food our water records all this. It’s time to change the bad programming and wipe the hard drive and start fresh again feel our thoughts and actions with joy happiness love peace forgiveness charity gratitude and most of all with Torah. The way you...

Emuna Our Faith in G-d

Israel Desert mountain-2010 The smallest amount of Faith moves mountains. That tells us how strong our minds are and how powerful faith can be. But it would also be a crime to move a mountain because it was not just dropped there out of nowhere, it grew in that place by various forces from elements in a particular way to help produce it and for it to spring up in that very spot. Your life is entirely your making. Man is the only one of G-d’s creation that is given free will to shape their own life. Everything else in creation has to follow the laws of nature that G-d set forth. Man has a choice to shape their lives to G-d will or to their own will. We have more power given to us by our Creator. Our thoughts manifest our reality. If those thoughts are negative these thoughts are not in G-d’s will for us and in turn, we begin to experience His blessing as a curse when we are out of balance to His will. If you live your life foolishly then you cannot avoid disaster. G-d forbid If someone jumps off the mountain, it might feel good and may feel like you are flying until you hit the ground. This is what it means to say Ignorance is bliss. This is dangerous. Man will perish with lack of knowledge of G-d. Looking for freedom from G-d might make a person feel good, but eventually, they will be underground because of that decision and it will be too late. -Rivka Sari 2001 Shemin Tov L’Moshiach Oil...
Guard Your Words

Guard Your Words

G-d is not everywhere he is where we let him in. He will not force His presence in your life. The invitation is by your prayers and blessings and accepting his Torah and Mitzvos. This is what it means to have G-d in your Life. A blessing is experiencing G-d’s will and a curse is experiencing G-d’s blessing out of balance of his will. Reyach breathe in Ruach breathe out Breath is the life force of the Body. Every time you take a breath you are connecting your Nefesh (living soul) with your Neshama (spiritual soul)  that is the divine essence of G-d our Creator. Do you feel His presence? Reyach breathe in Ruach breathe out Your very breath is an invitation to G-d to be present for without G-d you cannot breathe  Carefully chose your word wisely. Do NOT speak without knowing the facts when you decide to speak against anyone. For what you are speaking,  if it is untrue in the slightest you will be speaking the very judgment upon yourself, you have cursed yourself.  Do you want to risk it? Do your words invite G-d’s Holy presence and blessing or shut out G-d in your life and His blessings for you can only be experienced as a curse. Reyach breathe in Ruach breathe out (Copyright Excerpt from New book “Heaven Scent the Sweet Sense of Divine Smell” coming soon 2019) Please like &...

What Do Essential Oils Consist Of? Chemistry of Essential Oil

In general, pure essential oils can be subdivided into two distinct groups of chemical constituents; the hydrocarbons which are made up almost exclusively of terpenes (monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and diterpenes), and the oxygenated compounds which are mainly esters, aldehydes, ketones, alcohols, phenols, and oxides. Terpenes – inhibit the accumulation of toxins and help discharge existing toxins from the liver and kidneys. Sesquiterpenes are antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. They work as a liver and gland stimulant and contain caryophyllene and valencene. Research from the universities of Berlin and Vienna show increased oxygenation around the pineal and pituitary glands. Further research has shown that sesquiterpenes have the ability to surpass the blood-brain barrier and enter the brain tissue. other sesquiterpenes, like chamazulene and farnesol, are very high in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activity. Chamazulene may be found in chamomile, tansy, and yarrow. Farnesene is anti-viral in action. Limonene has strong anti-viral properties and has been found in 90% of the citrus oils. Pinene has strong antiseptic properties and may be found in high proportions in the conifer oils such as pine, fir, spruce, and juniper. Other terpenes include camphene, cadinene, cedrene, dipentene, phellandrene, terpinene, sabinene, and myrcene. Esters – are the compounds resulting from the reaction of an alcohol with an acid (known as esterification). Esters are very common and are found in a large number of essential oils. They are anti-fungal, calming and relaxing. Linalyl acetate may be found in bergamot, Clary sage, and lavender Geraniol acetate may be found in sweet marjoram.Other esters include bornyl acetate, eugenol acetate, and lavendulyl acetate. Aldehydes – are highly reactive and characterized by the group C-H-O...

The Healing Music of DNA Plant Aroma. Finding your Song.

(Copyright Excerpt from New book “Heaven Scent the Sweet Sense of Divine Smell” coming soon 2019) “Know that each herb has its own poetry and melody.” דע לך שכל עשב ועשב יש לו שירה וניגון משלו   –Rabbi Nachman In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve had the privilege to hear the song of each fragrant plant singing in the garden. All the fragrant tree praising Hashem. We know in Isaiah 55:12  it says  “You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.” Do we have a hint that even the plants and tree can sing? But why can’t we hear it now? Well, we do have to go back to the Garden to understand why? Mankind was living on a higher plateau in their minds in the Garden of Eden. Almost in a different dimension. We were living and walking on a higher ground in the way we thought so, therefore, we could hear the plants sing when we smelled its aroma. The DNA sequence of the garden plants was heard. The Torah suggests that it was that world which was the more genuine one. A world where we actually walked in the cool of the evening with our Creator learning the secrets of Torah and the universe that He created and not only could we hear it, but we could hear the vibration and frequency of the Garden plants aroma now imagine that the next time you breathe in the aroma of...

What You Think You Become.

  In the Torah, it says, we are taught to seek the Kingdom of heaven within, because when you connect to G-d through prayer, when you connect to the divine perfection our Creator, you can live in a place of abundance. You’re happy for no reason. You’re excited about life. You recognize the beauty and the abundance and prosperity of blessings. You’re in a place of having in essence. You are connected to Spirit. You already have what you want, therefore more will be given to you. It becomes easier to believe and create the things that G-d wants in your life, to the energy field of the universe. Proverbs 23:7 “For as a man thinks in his heart so is he… “ כי כמו שער בנפשו כן הוא The words for think here mean something more than the obvious. Shaghar/ שער = entrance, gateway, The after effects of prayer and meditation. In his heart or deep within his soul his living being / בנפשו – From the word נפש living soul. In Leviticus 17:11 says that the very life of the flesh is in the blood, but also can be understood as what has been concealed is in the Living soul of man Nefesh / נפש. So, the better translation could be this: “For as a man opens up the gateway doors of his soul, so is he… “What you think upon and then meditate on the most is what you become or are. So let your imagination go in the Torah of G-d and then conceal it within your soul make it manifest in your life according...

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