The Healing Music of DNA Plant Aroma. Finding your Song.

(Copyright Excerpt from New book “Heaven Scent the Sweet Sense of Divine Smell” coming soon 2019) “Know that each herb has its own poetry and melody.” דע לך שכל עשב ועשב יש לו שירה וניגון משלו   –Rabbi Nachman In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve had the privilege to hear the song of each fragrant plant singing in the garden. All the fragrant tree praising Hashem. We know in Isaiah 55:12  it says  “You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.” Do we have a hint that even the plants and tree can sing? But why can’t we hear it now? Well, we do have to go back to the Garden to understand why? Mankind was living on a higher plateau in their minds in the Garden of Eden. Almost in a different dimension. We were living and walking on a higher ground in the way we thought so, therefore, we could hear the plants sing when we smelled its aroma. The DNA sequence of the garden plants was heard. The Torah suggests that it was that world which was the more genuine one. A world where we actually walked in the cool of the evening with our Creator learning the secrets of Torah and the universe that He created and not only could we hear it, but we could hear the vibration and frequency of the Garden plants aroma now imagine that the next time you breathe in the aroma of...

The Power of Baby Scent

Newborn Babies smell so good. I always encourage new mothers to not use anything that has a fragrance or aroma on her newborn. I tell them to enjoy their baby’s scent. it can help prevent baby blues (postpartum depression). I always encourage them to wash their hair with warm water and soft washcloths with no soap. This also lets them keep their locks longer and that sweet aroma longer. As this and other research shows, scent is a pretty powerful force, and one that seems to have a direct pathway to our brains. Scent has been shown to trigger memories, protect us against harmful toxins (such as when we smell food that’s rotten) and bind us to things we love, like a romantic partner and protects us from dangers, also toxic people or friendships.  And it seems to be something even infants can do is make us swoon over them. Since we rely so heavily on our eyes, it is obvious why vision has a sense of greater tangibility. That is why we have “eyewitnesses” and not “nose witnesses”. But there is something mysterious about the sense of smell, in that you can’t always see what you smell. Smell is one of those things you perceive without a clear, volitional attempt to detect a stimulus. Because odors drift far from their source, carried along by air currents in the form of plumes, an odor can be detected long after the source has stopped emitting the odor, imbuing the sense of smell with an almost mystical attribute. It is actually divine. Along with this concept, Jewish Sages teach that our sense...
“Zehav Shemen” and The Aroma of Gold Oil

“Zehav Shemen” and The Aroma of Gold Oil

Here is something I learned just recently. Jewish sages say that if gold had a smell it would smell like Frankincense, Myrrh and Rose. Why? Here is why Rose is said to open up the veins of the mind and heart. The Hebrew word for rose is וְרִיד and the root word of rose is ו – ר – ד which means vein. When the letter yud י is added it is the first letter of G-d’s Holy Name and so therefore it is G-d who opens the veins of the mind and heart. Frankincense in Hebrew Levana means white or pure. The root word of Frankincense is ליבנת that means heat or heated. Gold is heated to be purified. Myrrh is the word מֹר which means bitter but it is also the word for Mr. or Master root. The master of the Universe causes Gold is heated to be purified so that it opens the Veins of the mind and heart. Finally the word gold is דהב which means to become golden or pure light. Precious gold was said to be infused into the anointing oil that Moshe (Moses) used for mental, bodily and spiritual purification. In the ancient times of our Jewish history it was believed that gold in the body worked by stimulating the life force (blood cells) and raising the level of vibration on all levels. When smelled by our nose it boosts the brain to focus more clearly. Gold was use for dentistry by both Egyptians and Israelites alike. It was common to drink Colloidal Gold.Today, medical uses of gold have expanded greatly. It...

What Emotional Imbalances Can Be Balanced With Essential Oils in Aromatherapy?

Among the many emotional disturbances affecting humans, Aromatherapy has been found effective in: Anger Bergamot, Jasmine, Neroli, Orange, Patchouli, Petitgrain, Roman Chamomile, Rose, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang Anxiety Bergamot, Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Mandarin, Neroli, Patchouli, Roman Chamomile, Rose, Sandalwood, Vetiver Confidence Bay Laurel, Bergamot, Cypress, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Orange, Rosemary Depression On a systemic level the euphoric oils address depression arising from sympathetic nervous hyperfunctioning from sensory, emotional or mental overstimulation (including grief, fear, and shock). On a focal level, however, they also work symptomatically to help relieve any kind of depression. As such, they may be used short-term until systemic treatment is available or begun, and regardless of whether the more long-term treatment involves aromatherapy alone or also includes counseling, nutrition, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation or any other form of natural therapy. In some cases, as in depression with chronic low self-esteem and insecurity, euphoric oils should not be used continuously on their own. At the very least they should be combined with one or two other oil types that address the systemic condition presenting. The main euphoric oils include Jasmine, Ylang-ylang, Neroli, Rose, Tuberose, Clary sage, Nutmeg, Patchouli, Vetiver, Atlas cedarwood, Sandalwood, and Myrrh. From the fragrance energetics point of view these oils are predominantly floral-sweet, woody and rooty. Fatigue, Exhaustion, and Burnout Basil, Bergamot, Black Pepper, Clary Sage, Cypress, Frankincense, Ginger, Grapefruit, Helichrysum, Jasmine, Lemon, Patchouli, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Vetiver Fear Bergamot, Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lemon, Neroli, Orange, Roman Chamomile Sandalwood, Vetiver Grief Cypress, Frankincense, Helichrysum, Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood, Vetiver Happiness and Peace Bergamot, Frankincense, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lemon, Neroli, Orange, Rose, Sandalwood,...

Hebrew Spice List Chart

English Name Hebrew Name Hebrew Transliterated Allspice פלפל אנגלי Pilpel Angli Angelica אנג’ליקה Angelica Anise אניס Anis Annatto עץ הליפסטיק etz halipstick Asafoetida חלתית Chaltit Barberry ברביריס Barberis Basil, sweet בזיליקום Bazilicum Bay leaf עלה דפנה Aleh dafna Borage בורג’ Borage Black cardamom הל שחור Hel shachor Caraway קימל Kimmel Cardamom הל Hel Carob חרוב Charuv Catnip נפית החתולים Nafit Hachatulim Cassia כנמון Kinamon Cayenne pepper פלפל חרוף Pilpel Charif Celery seed זרעי סלרי Zarei Celery Chervil תמכה Tamchah Chicory עולש Ohlesh Chili pepper אבקת צילי Avkat Chili Chives עירית Irit Cicely סייסלי מתוק Sissli Matok Cilantro כוסברה Kuzbarah Cinnamon קנמון Kinamon Clove ציפורן Tziporen Coriander seed זרעי כוסברה Zarei Kuzbarah Cumin כמון Kamon Dill herb or weed שמיר Shamir Fennel שומר Shumar Fenugreek חילבה Chilbeh Garlic שום Shum Ginger זנגביל Zangvil, ginger Grains of paradise גרגר גן עדן Gargayr Gan Eden Horseradish חזרת Chazeret Hyssop אזוב Ayzov Jasmine flowers יסמין Yasmin Juniper berry ערער Ar-ar Kaffir lime leaves עלה קפיר ליים Aleh Kafir Lime Lavender לבנדר Lavender Lemon Balm מליסה Melissa Lemon Verbena לואיזה Luiza Lemongrass עשב לימון Esev Limon Licorice, liquorice שוש Shush Lovage עשב לובי Eysev luvi Mace מוסקט, משייה Muskat Marjoram מיורם Mayoram Mastic מסטיק Mastik Mint נענע Nana Mustard חרדל Chardal Mustard, black חרדל שחור Chardal shachor Nigella קצח Ketzach Nutmeg מוסקט Muscat Oregano אורגנו Oregano Paprika פפריקה Paprika Parsley פטרוזיליה Petrozillia Pepper פלפל Pilpel Peppermint מנתה Menta Poppy Seed פרג Pereg Rosemary רוזמרין Rozmarin Rue פיגם Paygam Safflower חריע Chariah Saffron זעפרן Zafran Sage מרווה Marvah Salep סחלב Sachlav Savory, summer צתרה Tzatrah Sorrel חמציץ Chamtzitz Spearmint נענע Nana Star Anise כוכב אניס...

Vegtable Garden Hebrew Chart

English Hebrew Amaranth ירבוז Artichoke ארטישוק Arugula ארוגולה Asparagus אספרגוס Avocado אבוקדו Beet leaves סלק עלים Beetroot סלק Bell pepper פלפל Bitter melon מלון מר Bok choy בוק צ’וי Borage זיפניים Broccoli ברוקולי Brussels sprout כרוב ניצנים Cabbage כרוב Caper תעלול Cardoon חרשוף Carrot גזר Cassava קסבה Cauliflower כרובית Celery סלרי Celery Root שורש סלרי Chickweed כוכבי Chicory עולש Chives בצלייה Chrysanthemum leaves החרצית עוזבת Corn תירס Courgettes קישואים Cress גרגיר Cucumber מלפפון Daikon דאיקון Dandelion שן הארי Eggplant חציל Endive עולש Fennel שומר Garlic שום Ginger ג’ינג’ר Horseradish חזרת Jerusalem artichoke ארטישוק ירושלמי Kale קייל Kohlrabi קולרבי Lamb’s lettuce החסה של הכבש Leek כריש Lemongrass עשב לימון Lettuce חסה Mustard חרדל Napa cabbage נאפה כרוב Onion בצל Parsnip גזר לבן Pea sprouts/leaves נבטי אפונה / עלים Plantain לחך Potato תפוח אדמה Pumpkin/Squash דלעת / סקווש Purslane רגלת הגינה Radicchio צנוניות Radish צנון Rocket רקטה Salsify זקן תיש סגול Scallion בצל ירוק Shallot בצלצל Sorrel חומעה Spinach תרד Sweet Potato בטטה Swiss chard עליי סלק Taro טארו Tomato עגבנייה Turnip לפת Wasabi וואסאבי Watercress גרגיר הנחלים Wheatgrass עשב חיטה Zucchini Please like &...

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