The Spiritual Connection Of Our Body Balance Lymphatic Sytem.

The Spiritual Connection Of Our Body Balance Lymphatic Sytem.

Deuteronomy 7:15 G-d will remove from you all sickness; and He will not put on you any of the harmful diseases of Egypt which you have known, but He will lay them on all who hate you.”

The lymphatic system keeps our internal systems clean by collecting toxins and getting rid of them.  Lymph moves through the body when we move.  Unlike the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic system does not have its own central pump in which it only moves as the muscles move to squeeze it along. So the lack of movement makes the lymphatic system stagnant, with waste accumulating and excessive toxins are building up.

When we are in situations where we are frightened, rejected, unloved, we feel vulnerable.  This vulnerability makes it very hard for the lymphatic system to do its job. The lymphatic system is proof that there is a relationship between what happens in your life,  (feelings and thoughts), and your body.

Be Careful what you put on your skin. When the lymphatic system becomes sluggish it will “off-gas” through the skin. When unnatural fibers (like nylon or polyester) are worn and when chemical creams and soaps are applied to the skin, toxin release through the skin is inhibited. Much of the toxic load that should have been eliminated is re-absorbed along with some of the new toxins from the chemically laden clothes and skin products. This creates a backlog of needed detoxification.

Suggestion: Wear only linen, cotton, wool and hemp clothing. These fabrics are breathable and help skin to detox naturally. Try not to wear mixed fibers also because this can cause problems as well.

A tight fitting bra and underwire bras will impede normal lymphatic flow. Make sure bras fit properly, and avoid underwires. Go braless whenever possible. Instead wear a cotton bra. Also a cotton, linen, or hemp workout tank top canbe used for extra coverage when going bra free.

Always wear natural fibers, and don’t put toxic chemicals on your skin. Almost every skin care product in the skincare isles is toxic. Most “all natural” moisturizer creams, and soaps are also toxic. With few exceptions (like essential oils), when it comes to skin care products, if you can’t eat it, don’t put on your skin. This also includes sunblock, deodorant, and laundry detergents.

Deodorants, these need to be all natural. Conventional deodorants, especially antiperspirants, inhibit lymph detoxification. On a side note, it’s no wonder, understanding how the body works, that antiperspirants do in fact lead to breast cancer. We need to sweat, and that sweat leads to an ecosystem of flora on the skin that can promote good health or bad health. 

The diet for a healthy lymphatic system and a healthy human body includes far more fresh, raw vegetables than anything else. This how a healthy diet should look with the most often consumed foods listed first:

  • Raw, fresh vegetables and herbs
  • Raw fresh fruit
  • Cooked vegetables
  • Nuts, seeds, and legumes (all properly soaked, sprouted, etc.)
  • Brown rice, amaranth, quinoa, millet, oats
  • Kosher Organic Meat (optional)

Obviously, meat is optional. Drink Ten full 8 oz glasses of water a day. Clean water is imperative for lymphatic health, too.

Daily Habits for Constant Detoxification

  • Breathe in deeply, fully and properly
  • Eat a big salad every day 
  • Drink lots of cranberry lemonade every day
  • Daily prayer and meditation
  • Grounding 2-3x a week (Barefoot walking)
  • Take daily walks-Move your body often if you work at a desk.

Observe your feelings and emotions. Use these exercises of meditation and prayer to ease the stress your emotions have placed on your body. After you have spent a few days becoming aware of your attitudes, feelings, and reactions, spend a few minutes in a quiet place.

Get comfortable. Turn on some calming music, grab a shawl or soft natural blanket, feel safe with the feeling of G-d’s tallit covering your shoulder, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Continue to breathe deeply and calmly for two minutes. Now, breathe deeply as you reflect on ways your body supports you and how you respond to this support.

Then, thank G-d for giving you this body  for the times when you are able to feel calm, positive, loving, comfortable, courageous, supportive, generous and not forget feeling grateful. Thank G-d for the times when you are able to experience a sense of positive self-esteem and could offer leadership.

Continue to breathe deeply as you thank G-d for your body’s good health it offers you. Thank G-d for your  spiritual body for all it does to keep you spiritually and physically healthy. As you are able to be deeply appreciative, end this by moving slowly and gently and stretch.


Body Balance “Blue Lymph-Synergy” ®™ Blend

15ml Euro Dropper or chose Roller Top

Vibrant Blue Essential Oils of Body Balance “Lymph Synergy” ®™ Blend contains a proprietary blend of organic and wild crafted essential oils. Contains: Vitex Berry essential oil, Spearmint essential oil, Palmarosa essential oil, four different Blue essential oils, and Ylang Ylang in a touch of FCO and Pomegranate Seed CO2   carrier oil.

You will need to further dilute in a carrier oil. Simply place a few drops in bath, add a drop or two to a hydro cold water difusser, a drop onto a locket insert pad or simply apply to neck, under arm pits and back of knees, back of thighs and apply across stomache area.

  • Apply to all lymph nodes to help clear infection
  • Helps support fat assimilation, as fats go into the lymphatic system to be delivered throughout the body.

Also see our Blue Synergy®™ essential oil blend

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