Blue Lymph Synergy®™ Essential Oil Blend 15ml Contains Vibrant Blue Oils to increase lymphatic system movement for detox




Body Balance “Blue Lymph-Synergy” ®™ Blend

15ml Euro Dropper or chose Roller Top made specifically for essential oil bottles

Vibrant Blue Essential Oils of Body Balance “Lymph Synergy” ®™ Blend contains a proprietary blend of organic and wild crafted essential oils. Contains: Vitex Berry essential oil, Spearmint essential oil, Palmarosa essential oil, four different Blue essential oils, and Ylang Ylang.

This blend has such amazing anti- inflammatory properties. Uniquely formulated to increase circulation of fats and white blood cells within the lymphatic system for optimal delivery of nutrients to cells and removal of waste from the cells.
To help move the lymphatic nodes to properly detox fluid and inflammation, relieve pain, severe sprains, cooling, calming, body aches, skin redness and itching, eczema, psoriasis, antifungal, swelling joint and muscles, pms, and headaches.
Ingredients are:
(not all ingredient are listed on label but are listed here. This is a proprietary blend)
Blue Cypress Essential Oil (rare)
Blue Tansy Essential Oil (rare)
Blue Chamomile German Essential Oil
Blue Yarrow Essential Oil
Blue Bergamot Essential Oil
Palmarosa Essential Oil
Spearmint Essential Oil
With a touch of Carrier Oils
You will need to further dilute in a carrier oil. Simply place a few drops in bath, add a drop or two to a hydro cold water difusser, a drop onto a locket insert pad or simply apply to neck, under arm pits and back of knees, back of thighs and apply across stomache area.
  • Apply to all lymph nodes to help clear its passages
  • Helps support fat assimilation, as fats go into the lymphatic system to be delivered throughout the body.

For deep pain relief, severe sprains, joint damage, inflammation, or swelling  use a few drop in your favorite carrier oil and apply to area, or a few drop to your favorite unscented lotion and apply. For skin issues add a few drop to fractionated coconut oil (FCO), virgin coconut oil, almond oil, or  hemp seed oil.

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