These Essential oils are the Aromatic Jewels from the Negev region of Israel. These oils are grown and  distilled with perfection. It is a miracle that any flowers and herbs can grow in the dessert. The Holy Land blossoms for it’s people. The frequency on these oils are the best. Organic wild crafted. (OWC)

Negev Rose 2.5ml  5ml  10ml (see prices at listing)

Cistus -Rose of Sharon (Rock Rose) 5ml $44

Cucumber seed Oil $18 1oz Out of stock

Negev Chamomile 5ml $48 OUT OF STOCK

Peppermint 15ml $38

Lavender 10ml $24

Myrtle 10ml $24

Etrog citron 5ml $65

Argan 2 oz $30 (bigger quanity is available)

Frankincense Sacra from Oman (Israeli distilled) 15ml $65

Lemon 10ml $32

Grapefruit White 15ml $18

Marjoram 10ml $58

Helichrysum 10ml $72  OUT OF STOCK

Oregano 10ml $50

Rosemary 10ml $30

Sage 10ml $30

Spearmint 15ml $40

Palmarosa 15ml $29 OUT OF STOCK

Olive Oil  $34  call for quanity size

Hyssop -z’aartar 10ml $25 OUT OF STOCK

Narcissus- 5ml (Coming soon!)

White savory hyssop $21 (coming Soon)

Hemp Seed 1oz $18

Watercress Seed 15ml

How to create shemen (oil) to be a light in this world? Essential oils will represent one’s potential to awaken from the deepest slumbers of the gulus (exile). Just plant it and in emuna (faith) it will grow.









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