Ruth®™ Aroma Veil- 5ml Exclusive Original Biblical Blend. Ruth ®™ A Journey of Faith Art Painted and Copyright 2017 By Neshama R. Sari




Ruth® 5 ml  Aroma Veil Essential Oil Blend

Art is by Neshama R. Sari Painting Ruth ©™  A Journey of Faith 2017

This is my daughter Neshama’s version of the blend called “Ruth® “Aroma Viel”


Biblical Inspired:

Ruth® in the Bible was a woman who wore a spiritual a veil that was the aroma of kindness, loyalty, humility, chairity, love, strength, and faith.  This Ruth®  Aroma Veil blend can help you open your heart to hearing G-d’s voice inside of us all. Walking in faith and obedience and trust. This oil reflects endurance and faith of Ruth while giving chairity and grace to others. It also reflects the romance of Boaz and Ruth to be open to accepting what journey G-d lays out before you.

Ruth®  Aroma Veil blend reflect that she was always grateful for what she had and this in turn G-d blessed her with the delights of her heart. Ruth® blend reminds us to be ever so grateful for all the support and love these relationships provided for her. Ruth® give strength of endurance and the blessings of peace and contentment. 

It is said by the Jewish Sages that Ruth’s family were the cultivators of the Balm of Gilead 

Balm of Gilead or blend was most likely the perfume she used when she visited with Boaz on the threshing floor.

The Jewish Sages tell us that Ruth® had a veil of aroma swirling in her hair, and in her clothes like a new wedding dress. Ruth came unto Boaz with the intent to become his wife. She used Aroma as her wedding dress and veil to secure that according to the directions of Naomi.

Ruth 3:3-5 what does Naomi tell Ruth to do before and after she goes to the threshing-floor that night? Naomi tells Ruth to: Wash, perfume yourself and put on your cloak. Go to the threshing-floor. Do not let Boaz recognize you during the feasting When he sleeps, lie down at his feet and uncover him. Do whatever he tells you to do.

Is it possible that Naomi does not want Boaz to know which young woman is uncovering him in the night?  If he recognizes Ruth or smells her perfume and identifies with her from earlier in the evening by seeing her face, Boaz may refuse her as the widow of his kinsman. See our article on Ruth.

Exchanging of shoes for the right to marry Ruth was a Levirate ceremony

Neat no carrier oil added. There is so much in this bottle that we could not list it all on the bottle. Full ingredients listed are here.

Sweet Balsam

Joppa Sweet Orange



Ylang Ylang

Jasmine Abs


Frankincense Sacra

Balm of Gilead (from the Balm of Gilead Farm)

Mood uplifting, sweet earthy citrus relaxing, stress relief, romantic, faithful, truth revealing, mind opening, grounding, and grateful heart, 

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