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KETORET/ QETORET 5ml Holy Temple Bible Besamin Shemen/SHeMeN (11) Eleven Holy Temple Incense 5 ml


Ketoret Blend of 11 Blue Colbalt Bottle 5 ml

Eleven Temple Incense Organic Oils blended
together. 5ml

Although there are strict prohibitions against experimentation with the various plant materials in …


Ketoret Blend of 11 Blue Colbalt Bottle 5 ml

Eleven Temple  Organic Essential Oils blended
together. 5ml

Although there are strict prohibitions against experimentation with the various plant materials in their original raw form, we have been advised by our highly respected teachers in Jerusalem that there is no prohibition whatsoever against the enjoyment of the Essential Oil extracts of these same botanicals. In fact, we have been greatly encouraged to use and enjoy them, and to make these very special and beautiful highly fragrant organic pure oils available to all of the klal scattered across the world and among the nations of b’nei Noach.

The Ketoret Fragrance is the skeleton key that elevates every person to a much higher Spiritual level where we all ultimately meet. But the experience of the Fragrance is different for each person because each one is coming from a different place to get there.

Balsam (gilead), Cassia, Clove, Cinnamon Bark and Leaf, Cistus-(Rose of Sharon)
Frankincense (Hojari) Sacra, Galbanum, Myrrh, Onycha (Benzoin), SpikeNard and Saffron All 11 ingredients are blended together plus one secret ingredient that must remain hidden and cannot be revealed. This is a proprietary blend according to Torah and halacha.

During the days of the Temple, the exact method of Ketoret preparation by the Master Perfumer was a closely guarded secret. Today we are still unraveling the mystery of exactly which ingredients and processes were used to formulate the finely ground mixture. Although there are still varying opinions and speculation about some aspects of the Ketoret, the wise ones among us have been able to identify the exact botanical sources of the main ingredients. Which oil can be extracted to create a healing blend

Perfect for Havdallah, and a Segulah (Protection) for the home. Jewish Sages and Rabbis have taught that the experience of these Holy fragrances helps to speed up the rebuilding of the Bet HaMikdash (Third HolyTemple). Purifies the air, many medicinal uses, and anointing of living and workspace which are all for the purpose of healing.

We get questions about why do we not mix Dead Sea Salt in the blend? Our answer is we do not use dead sea salt in the Essential Oil Blend because the salt is to be used in the dry grounded incense material, not the Essential Oil Blend which is made for healing purposes only.

Please Note: While it is forbidden to reproduce the sacred Temple incense grounded materials ( is not oil) according to the precise instructions received by Moses and handed down by our sages for use outside of the Holy Temple. Our incense essential oils blends are created with care that do not to violate this sacred principle of the grounded materials used in the Temple. The essential oil blend can be enjoyed for personal and healing purposes only.

Avraham Sand says:
“The reason why the use of any or all of the Temple Incense OILS is not only permissible, actually meritorious according to teacher Rabbi Burstein, is also because producing any of these Oils requires NO GRINDING which is forbidden. It is the super-fine Grinding of the 11 Spices in Torah, individually and in mixture, that gave the Temple Incense its abilities to elevate the Consciousness to Prophecy, and have power over all adversaries and even death itself. We can have pure healing, wisdom like the prophets, and prosperity with the blend of the 11 oils now.”

 NOT RECOMMEND FOR APPLYING TO SKIN because this blend consists of many known hot oils such as cassia, cinnamon, and clove. Ritual and specific purposes only such as Prayer/Tefilla time, air purification of home for protection, shalom bayit, or home dedication mezuzah hanging חנוכת הבית, or clearing air of sacred workspace or  worship sacred spaces, Torah/Bible study, difussing for major illnesses, anointing doorposts and mezuzot, Havdalla ceremony ending shabbat, and Holidays difussing

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