Negev Oregano Dayi Herb Spice Jar 4oz-



Negev Oregano Dayi Herb
Origanum minutiflorum-dayi
4 oz colbalt refillable jar

Negev Oregano Dayi is a popular, sweet-smelling spicy herb widely used in Israeli dishes. Known as Oregano Dayi, True Mediterranean Oregano, or Desert Oregano.

A versatile, pungent herb with a robust and aromatic flavour, it has a great affinity for a wide range of foods including vegetables, lamb, and stuffing. Oregano can be used in fresh or dried form, though the dried form is generally more concentrated in flavour. Also delicious with meat, chicken, fish and roasted vegetables. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

In Israel Negev Oregano Dayi oil is traditionally used to alleviate coughs, chronic pain, and poor circulation.

Native to Negev Highland Desert of Israel. Our Oregano Dayi Herb is Organic wild harvested, naturally air dried, handcut and sifted in a halachically kosher kitchen and utinsils.

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