Negev Desert Oregano 10ml HIGH DEMAND Minutiflorum Origanum-Dayi אזובית המדבר


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Negev Desert Oregano

אזובית המדבר


Minutiflorum Origanum- Dayi


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Distilled on Rimon Farms

Dayi Minutiflorum is an endemic species of Origanum, can be found growing in the high-altitude of Turkish mountains, but  is indigenous to the Negev Desert highlands of Israel. This is a unique and rare wildcrafted Oregano is grown and distilled in the Negev desert highland that has a strong warm, slightly sweet , spicy, and very deep smell profile that is cannot be mistaken for traditional Vulgare Oregano.

Benefits: digestion, pain relief, cold sore,, uplifting in smell, circulation, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. Effective for respiratory system treatment, a mild substitute for eucalyptus, relieves sinusitis, shortness of breath and coughing. Suitable for children over age 2 when diluted properly.

יעיל לטיפול במערכת נשימה, תחליף עדין לאקליפטוס, מקל על מצבי סינוסיטיס, קוצר נשימה ושיעול. מתאים לתינוקות בהנקה.


carvacrol  (60 – 90%)

hirtum,  (20 – 90%),

linalool-rich (27 – 90%),

When buying oils Grown and produced in Israel you are buying that herbs, or flower which are grown and distilled in Israel so you are not receiving a imported oil that is bottled in Israel.

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