Sweet Almond Oil



The effects of Israeli Sweet almond oil are not only limited to beauty care and blending essential oils together and it is often used in cooking which strengthens the digestive system and helps in relieving different forms of digestive disorders like indigestion, congestion of stomach, constipation, and many other minor troubles. Also for centuries, almond oil had been used in food to enhance memory power, concentration and to lower the cholesterol level.

Almond oil being a rich source of vitamin E, its regular use will reduce fine lines  Almond oil is perhaps the ingredient used by the Israelites to prepare manna in the wilderness.

You should gently rub your face and neck with almond oil or you can, twice a week, go for a mild and soothing almond oil massage. not recommended for anyone who is allergic to nuts.

Biblical texts:

1. Almond Tree: The almond tree is mentioned in Ecclesiastes 12:5, wherein the description of old age it says “the almond-tree shall blossom.” The reference is probably to the white hair of age. An almond tree in full bloom upon a distant hillside has a certain likeness to a head of white hair. It also alludes to the Israelite women who would use almond oil for aging and moisturize their hair to make it shine.

2. A Rod/ Staff of Almond:

A rod of almond is referred to Genesis 30:37, where “Jacob took him rods of fresh poplar, and of the almond (luz) and of the plane-tree; and peeled white streaks in them” as a means of securing “ring-streaked, speckled, and spotted” lambs and goats-a proceeding founded doubtless upon some ancient folklore. Aaron’s rod that budded (Numbers 17:2, 3) was an almond rod. Also see Jeremiah 1:11.

3. The Blossoms:

The blossoms of the almond are mentioned Exodus 25:33; Exodus 37:19, etc. “Cups made like almond-blossoms in one branch, a knop (i.e. knob) and a flower,” is the description given of parts of the sacred candlesticks called the Temple Menorah. It is doubtful exactly what was intended-the most probable is, as Rabbis have suggested, that the cup was modeled after the calyx of the almond flower.


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