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Jasmine Flower Blossoms Maceration Essential Oil Blend



Jasmine has a pleasing, uplifting effect on the mind. It is sweet and enticing. Jasmine evokes feelings of happiness and awakens romance. With Jasmine Sombac, Jasmine grandiflorum, Jasmine auriculatum, and Jasmine Otto going up in cost just in the last few years this is an excellent alternative to get that beautiful Jasmine Aroma without all the expense.

Skin moisturizer and smell truly heavenly! According to your preference, it can be refrigerated or warmed before use. Rich in Vitamins D, E, and antioxidants for the skin.

Ingredients: Pure Jasmine blossoms of four varieties were organically handpicked and slightly heated on a window sill to infuse the blossoms into virgin coconut oil, babassu oil, and sunflower oil then placed in a dark cool place for 2 weeks. Then we poured the ols over solid babassu oil took even more blossoms and infused them enfleurage method 7 more times until The process was repeated to maximize the strength of the Jasmine aroma. Sweet and delicate and heavenly!

 At the end of the straining of the blossoms process, we added several drops of Jasmine absolute essential oil (Jasmine officinale var grandiflorum) into the infusion batch. 

Smells so good and absolutely divine!

About Our Ancient Shemen Process:

We use only the ancient process of creating the best infusion, enfleurage, and maceration essential oil. A highly skilled person can bring out the very best infused oils and the healing properties are equal to distilled essential oil but come ready to use.

Some of the Oils we produce we use are Israeli Coconut Oil, Date Palm Oil, Sweet Israeli Almond Oil, Israeli Sunflower Seed Oil, or in some cases we may use also Israeli Golden Jojoba Oil as the solvent to absorb all the fat-soluble properties of the plants and flowers. This is an extremely long process. We may gather around 500 to 4,000 flowers to make our concentrated oil.

Macerations are essential oils but more, as they have all the fat-soluble parts of the plant and flowers that are too large to be distilled into Essential oil compounds. The scent is not always as strong as the essential oil but in some cases is stronger depending on the plant materials used. You will be pleased by the lingering beautiful aroma of these labor-intensive enfleurage/maceration essential oils.

The essential oil properties are still there and are a very powerful compound that heals and works the same. These oils last just as long and at the same time, they bring with them their own carrier oils that have an amazing shelf life. PLEASE NOTE: We do not use alcohol or any other unsafe solvents to create our maceration Essential Oil.

Utilizing the Ancient power of Nature’s Essence to bring balance to your Spirit, to heal the body, and awaken the Mind.~Rambam (Jewish Doctor and Mishna Sage in Cairo’s Jewish community 1135-1204 BCE)

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