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Holy Rope High Quality Maceration Essential Oil 5ml (Eupatorium cannabinum) ISRAEL



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Holy Rope (Hemp Agrimony)

High QualityMaceration Essential Oil



Also known as Alpenkraut, Cañamazo, Cáñamo Acuático, Cannabine, Chanvre d’Eau.

Eupatorium cannabinum

Flowers and tender leaves

Hebrew: גדותן הביצות ,אבפטוריון הביצות

Known as Holy Rope, and Common Hemp-Agrimony,

Scientific name: Eupatorium cannabinum L.

Common name: Common Hemp-Agrimony

Hebrew name: גדותן הביצות ,אבפטוריון הביצות

Plant Family: Compositae / Asteraceae, מורכבים

Flowering Period: July, August, September, October

Distribution: Mediterranean Woodlands and Shrublands, Deserts and extreme deserts

Used to stop bleeding, and respiratory issues. Use with caution in tiny amounts and with proper dilution.


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