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Damiana- 15ml

Turnera diffusa



AROMA: Rich, warm, pungent, sweet apple floral, relaxing, herbaceous, slight bitter undertone. Much like chamomile.

Historically damiana has been used to relieve anxiety, nervousness, and mild depression, especially if these symptoms have a sexual component. The herb is also used as a general tonic to improve wellness. Can use a few drops in your tea and more.

Mexican folklore claims that herbal infusions of Damiana were key components in the “original” margaritas and easing digestive issues as a tonic.

The Damiana plant is a small shrub native to Central, South America, and the southwestern United States. It blossoms in early-to-late summer, followed by small fruits tasting somewhat like figs or bitter-sweet dates.

Damiana is a very expensive oil so this oil is an alternative to getting that rare oil without spending a lot of money and plus you are getting the whole plant with the essential oils is in there too.

Made with Leaves and Flower Blossoms Mascerated into Fractionated Coconut Oil for 40 days. Strain out the material and then new material is added to the mixture and repeated for 40 more days. Carefully watched, sniffed, and guarded for success.

This whole process is repeated three more times (3x) to achieve the highest aroma strength for a total of 120 days. With the final strain of material, we end up with a beautiful ancient processed essential oil the way it was done thousands of years ago.

This oil may be used as a wondrous inclusion for producing an exotic massage suited for intimacy, personal perfume, use as a carrier oil for your favorite essential oil blend or single oil. Create salves lotions and creams for skin care and more. The possibilities are endless what you can do with this amazing oil.

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