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Our exclusive Face serum
It contains a variety of oils that come together to make a blend that will even out skin tones and smooths out lines. This serum is a hit. It has a floral scent to it naturally because of the combination of Organic Geranium, Chamomile, & Rose, Oils.

10ml glass dropper

Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients are:
Israeli Fractionated coconut oil, Blended with Pure Essential oils of Helichrysum imortelle, Negev Rose rosa centerfolia, Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Tea Tree melaluka, & Israeli Argan Oil. Shake well before use. Directions: 1-3 Drop tap on area as needed. Discontinue if skin irritation occurs.

Each oil is carefully measured and so this is a family secret of skin care. You will love this serum.

Lavender Skin Essential Face and Body Soap

BEST for sensitive skin.

This listing is for one bar of soap. Homemade and cut in the last three weeks.

Each bar is approx. 3.5-4oz.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Distilled Water, and Organic Lavender essential oil

All my soaps are made in small, individual batches. There can be a slight difference in color, ect. from the pictures and the actual soap you receive!


Skin Essential Toner and cleanser

The natural organic chemicals in plants vaporize at different temperatures. This lets distillers separate one natural organic chemical from another to create different Organic amazing products.

The oils evaporate first, yielding essential oils. Water, containing traces of the oils and water-soluble chemicals, evaporates next. It is the “hydrosol.”

Hydrosols used to be bi-products of the more-important essential oil production, but nowadays, they are highly prized in their own right and are regarded as “co-products Some practictioners believe, they are the main event.

Hydrosols contain a larger variety of natural organic chemicals than essential oils. They have all the water-soluble natural organic chemicals that stay behind when essential oils are distilled, plus they retain high quality small quantities of the oils. This results in hydrosols having different scents than essential oils. And, according to some, it is why they deliver greater therapeutic benefits, especially to the skin.

Hydrosols in skin care are:

Natural astringents – they minimize pores

Antiseptic – they clear the complexion

pH-balanced – they reduce breakouts, psoriasis, and eczema flare ups.

Heavenly scent – they refresh and delight the skin and are gentler and better-tolerated than essential oils facial toner.

They are sometimes called flower water, or essential water. Common examples in skin care are rose water, orange blossom water, Chamomile water, Alvender water, and witch hazel extract –hydrosols that are ideal in facial toners and cleansers.

We use the finest organic hydrosols and natural astringents made with pure natural ingredients. We infuse them with healing herbs – Chamomile, Rose or Lavender and green tea. Then we blend them into Toner Superieure, a facial toner you can use on any skin to minimize pores, reduce breakouts, clear your complexion, and restore your skin’s healthy pH balance.



Blemish Clear

Deep cleanses and soothes blemish-prone skin and clears up early on set Eczema and Psoriasis. 10ml Turquoise Class Roll on with stainless steel metal roller. Or chose colbalt blue euro dropper bottle

In a light gel base to refresh and gently soften.

Perfect cosmetic purse size Turquoise glass roll on
or chose as Euro dropper cobalt blue bottle.

•Antibacterial organic Tea Tree Essential oil
•Protective wild crafted Kanuka Essential oil
•Astringent Organic Witch Hazel
100% Witch hazel Organic
100% Pure Israeli Fractionated Coconut oil
100% Pure Chamomile hydrosol Water
100% Pure Vitamin E

Pure Essential oils are:

Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea-Tree) Oil, Kunzea Ericoides (Kanuka) Leaf Oil, Lavender Lavdula agustafolia Oil, Frankincense Boswella Caterri Oil, Helichrysum Imortelle oil, and Roman Chamomile oil.

Free from parabens and synthetic fragrances!

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