Cypress Blue Essential Oil OW- High Quality-5ml



Cypress Blue-Organic 5 ml

Callitris intratropica



Grown in Australia

Bottled in Israel

The essential oil of blue cypress (Callitris intertropica) is light blue in color with a delightful, fresh, sweet, balsamic, fruity bouquet with a resinous/coniferous/herbaceous undertone. Tends to become a solid but easily meltable waxy mass in cool temperatures. The sweet fruity/coniferous note has good tenacity

100% pure. Undiluted and unadulterated!

Enhances Circulation systems; Protective; Cellulite. Blue cypress releases the emotions of anger. It releases irritation on a mental and physical level. It has a cooling effect on emotions because it physically releases irritation.
On the positive side, this oil helps us feel empowered by helping us see how we are distinct in our own unique way and supporting us to perform in this ability by grounding our emotions. This oil is mainly sesquiterpenes which oxygenate cells thereby giving us clarity of thought.




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