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Moses says in Hebrew “erase me”, the letters of this word, rearranged, spell out “waters of Noah”, pointing to this secret connection between reincarnated souls. When Moses was faced with G-d say he would wipe out the entire Hebrew Jewish people because of their sins, Moses took a different route: not only did he pray for them, but he demanded G-d to see he was not willing to imagine or live in a world where he existed in without his people. I think it’s becoming clear to all of us we’re all in this together. It is one world, one planet, and it’s one future for all the inhabitants of this earth.

Moses, Speaking to God. (Exodus 32:32) ״If you won’t forgive the sins of my people, erase me from your book.” Moses was made in the image of Noah, so he was able to fix a mistake Noah made at the time of the flood. If he had prayed for the whole world instead of just building an ark to save himself, his family, and the animals, he could’ve changed the course of history of all of mankind; the population of the world at that time could have been saved.

If a person can imagine a world without mankind then he is selfish, unkind, and heartless. Am I saying Noah was a bad person? No, what I am saying is Noah was not thinking in his quest to save his family that he had a real opportunity to truly save all of mankind. Yes, it says he preached to the world for 120 years the world was going to be destroyed by a flood but nowhere in Torah does it say he prayed for his fellow mankind instead we see he just warned them. So Moses finished the work of Noah and prayed for the Hebrew Jewish people. This is called interceding in prayer. We need to pray for one another, show compassion, love one another, and pray for protection and healing to the whole world because we are one people.

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