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It is Back!
The Sea of Galilee Synergy Blend

Made in Israel
יָם כִּנֶּרֶת

Sea of Galilee Synergy Eseential Oil Blend
Kinneret Sea of Galilee 2010

The aroma reminds you of the sweet smell of the fresh-water sea like air overlooking the Kinneret Sea of Galilee as the sunsets on the horizon. Such a beautiful blend of oils that never disappoints.

A tropical middle eastern combination of pure essential oils formulated to inspire beachy fresh air vibes wherever you go, Sea of Galilee is your passport to instant relaxation for deep meditation.

Time seems to have come to a stand-still where the green hills of the Galilee slope down to the most famous lake in the Bible. The Sea of Galilee is the enthralling power of this region for Jewish, Muslim, and Christian visitors alike, where you don’t have to close your eyes to picture the ancient days of fishing and families gathering for the bounty of food for the people all you have to do is open them as you are walking by the shore of the lake also known as the Sea of Tiberius

The sages tell us that Isaiah 9:1-2 is the prophecy of the coming Moshiach (Messiah) will be from the Galilee area.

It is said that fish use to jump into the boat because of the bounty the water had to offer and was filled and overflowing with fish. When Rome occupied Israel the sea was said to not give up fish to the Romans boats, only to the local fisherman whose families were native to the Holy Land.

Today you can still look around and see in winter and spring the “lilies of the field” abound, and seeds thrive in their beds of good soil. In late summer and fall, the choking thorns still overtake those same fields just as they were in ancient times.

The “Sea of Chinnereth,” or “Chinneroth” (Heb. Kinneret, “harp-shaped”), for the shape of the sea (Num 34:11; Joshua 12:3; 13:27)

These moments, when you become one with the memories of this beautiful land, come with an understanding that will accompany you ever after on your spiritual walk.

Ingredients are Coconut CO2, Israeli White Grapefruit, Sweet Joppa Orange, Israeli Lime, East Indian Sandalwood Mysore, Israeli Tangerine, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Wild Nard Lavender, Juniper Berry, Galbanum, Davana,  Violet Absolute, and Damiana that was infused with a touch of Israeli FCO.

Uses and Benefits: Use in diffuser, relaxing, heart-opening, quiet sleep, calms stress, lifts mood from depression to feel safe and secure, add a couple of drops to a carrier oil for a relaxing foot massage. great for skincare and hormone balancing during monthly cycles.

We introduced this blend in 2014 and this year we decided to bring back this blend with a new reformulation to bring out the deeper notes of fresh beautiful floral citrus by adding coconut absolute, Joppa Sweet Orange andWhite Grapefruit.

A big reason I was inspired to bring this blend synergy back is the shape of the Sea of Galilee is a harp to remind us we must carry on our inner song of Joy. We find this in its Hebrew name Kinneret from the word Harp in Hebrew Kinnor.

The year 2020 has been an emotionally and physically draining year and Some of us may feel we are losing our joy in our song. I am reminded of the verse in Psalms 137:1-2 “By rivers of Babylon there we sat, Yes, we wept when we remembered Zion. We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof.” And Psalms 137:5 says “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand be forgotten.” Let us not forget our song because Psalm 137:8 says “O Babylon, you will be destroyed. Happy is the one who pays you back for what you have done to us.” Let us not forget who is really in power.

In 2020 a miracle has occurred at the Sea of Galilee for it has been overflowing to its banks. That’s not a euphemism, it is a fact. The news of this miracle was announced as the virus was coming into Israel, so Israelis were not able to enjoy the fresh waters of its bounty described a palm tree whose roots are “wading in the waters of the Kinneret” the Hebrew meaning the children of Israel will be playing Israel’s Harp as they wade in the waters of the Galilee, and exactly that is actually happening,

After almost 30 years in which the shrinking waters retreated further and further from the trees on the shore. Today those very trees are wading in the water in the absence of the people playing the Harp of Israel. Israel’s Music is not silenced!

You can experience the aroma and sensation of being at the Kinneret in Israel and it is our hope that you want to join in the Song hear the harp and smell her aroma.

See video on the Kinneret shoreline is full and how it will revive the Jordon and the Dead sea as well..

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