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Sugar Pine Resin High Quailty Maceration Essential Oil 10ml (Pinus lambertiana)


Pinus lambertiana
Known as King of Pine and Conifers
Oregon USA


Sugar Pine High Quailty Maceration Essential Oil
Pinus lambertiana
Known as King of Pine and Conifers
Oregon USA
Made from fresh Resin/Sap and whatever small wood pieces come with the resin clumps during harvest.
Aroma: Lightly spiced cinnamon vanilla sugar cookie, with soft palo santo notes, and a piney spice citrus orange

This oil is a pure maceration infusion essential oil from Sugar Pine sap/resin into Fractionated coconut oil and Jojoba oil for longer shelf life which was infused for a full 30 days. The resin completely dissolves and leaves all the wood pieces floating.

Then at the end of the 30 days process whatever wood is in the resin will float to the top we would slightly heat the oil with the wood and let that cool and put the top back on for 10 more days so this maceration essential oil has infused for a total of 40 days. The wood would release its color of a yellow to soft amber color which we also think gives the oil a deeper aroma and character.

Whole small and large essential oil molecules are captured with the complete healing constituents and aroma profile which smells much like a sweet piney citrus orange, with soft like Palo Santo notes, and a lightly spiced cinnamon vanilla sugar cookie aroma.

This ancient technique is how essential oils were done long before steam and hydro-distillation were discovered. It took a highly skilled and trained apothecary with a keen sense of smell to detect when it was truly ready for use.

The species name Pinus lambertiana honors the British botanist, Aylmer Bourke Lambert (1761-1842), who illustrated a folio of all the conifers known at the time.

Sugar Pine is valued by many herbalists as the king of conifers. Pine is a healer, a perfumer, and an incense maker. Native Americans ate the sap as a sweetener and preferred it to maple and other sweet saps. Native Americans collected and ate the large, nutritious seeds and the irregular resin exudate. 

Native Americans used the sugar pine’s large, nutritious seeds for food and its sweet sap as a treat. It was also used as a remedy to treat stomach gas, loosen the bowels, or mixed with milk as drops for sore eyes. The “nuts” (seeds) were used as beads in jewelry. The sugar alcohol, pinitol, the sweet in sugar pine, is under investigation for possible insulin-sensitizing and muscle-building properties. Soybeans are a modern commercial source.

The sap and resin are sweet, thus the common name. In the late 1800s, the sugar maple industry was looking to monopolize the tree’s treasure, but thankfully the locals would not allow it. Sugar pines grow along the west slope of the Cascade Mountains from the north-central Cascades of Oregon, south through the Siskiyou, Klamath, and Sierra Nevada mountains, to an isolated population in the mountains of Baja California Norte, Mexico. Early botanist David Douglas named the sugar pine in 1827 to honor British pine expert Aylmer Bourke Lambert (1761-1842)

This resin was gathered from remote areas in Oregon that border Northern California we love to stick your nose into a crevice of the bark and breathe in the warm sugar cookie aroma. We forge for this resin by climbing the Cumberland Gorge mossy hills, moving through remote forest areas of Klamath Falls, and yes we even forged our family-owned remote property in Ashland Oregon for such treasures to bring to you.

This wildcrafted resin is harvested within 24-48 hours before we begin our process of maceration because the fresher the resin is the better aroma and clarity of the oil. When it becomes semi-solid lightly warm the resin to soften again. It may even have a little of the Sugar Pine oil in it because the resin is that fresh.

This is Oregon Sugar Pine and is the same species as the California Sugar Pine. I forged for around 10lbs or so before moving from the state of Oregon. Today relatives who are also herbalists will forge for us somewhere between 5 to 10lbs of resin and ship it overnight to us.

USES: Incorporate into healing balms, creams, and lotions. Blend with Frankincense resins or with myrrh resins oils, used as a sealant on art projects or instruments, and great for smudges or incense sticks or in a tea light oil burner. The uses are endless!

Sugar Pine Resin from Oregon – YouTube


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