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Red Grapefruit High Quality Essential Oil (Citrus paradise)




Red Grapefruit-Organic chose  5ml or 10 ml

Citrus paradisi

Color Bright Yellow to Orange in Color



South Africa/Israel

Jaffa was one of these ports of call en route from Europe to the East (prior to the opening of the Suez Canal a section of the journey was made overland). This led to the development of the citrus production in Israel, once it quickly became evident that the climatic conditions and the soil there were ideally suited for citrus growth. It was Jaffa where the ancient citron etrog once grew over 2000 years ago according to some rabbinical sources. Some citrus native to Israel is the kumquat and Etron before the Romans and Turkish invaders raided the hillside vineyards and citrus groves of Israel. Some of the vineyards in Italy and Turkey can be traced back to Israel.

Modern history says the citrus production in Israel began in the late 18th century and early nineteenth century when a special type of citrus fruit was discovered in the groves of some of the Jewish and Arab growers in Jaffa, and this fruit later became known as “Shamouti” Joppa/Jaffa Oranges. But there are Jewish growers who said the special Orange wasnative to the middle east and Israel. Later Grapefruits both white and pink and other beautiful citrus are grown in Jaffa today.

Now much of the fruits are now grown all over Israel. Many of the growers do stick with organic methods as well. Which is why we are glad to offer you this beautiful Sunrise Red/Pink Grapefruit from Israel.

Skincare, weight management, digestive issues, skincare, joyful, uplifting, sleep aid

Refreshing and sweet aroma that is cheering, joyful, liberating; cellulite, calms anxiety, uplifts mood, skincare, pain reliever, and weight management.

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