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Karkom Saffron Face Serum 15ml כרכום זעפרן is Our Exclusive Elixer serum formula made with Prickly Pear from Israel Argan oil from Israel infused with Saffron from Morocco. A Divine Skincare.



Karkom Saffron Face Serum  כרכום זעפרן

15ml size


Saffron infused into Prickly Pear seed oil and Argan Oil and a drop of organic Vitamin E as a stablizer

Our Exclusive Elixer serum formula made with Prickly Pear from Israel, Sandalwood Seed Oil, Argan Oil from Israel infused with Saffron from Morocco.  A Divine Skincare. It is believed that Har Karkom is the Biblical site of Mt Sinai where the children of Israel received the Torah and the commandments. this mountain has a very mysterious name meaning mountain of Saffron. 

Saffron has been esteem as an ancient perfume and ageless skincare. The word saffron is derived from the Aramaic/ Arabic word zafran ,  meaning “yellow.” The saffron Crocus sativus is a kind of crocus of the iris family. It is used its a medicine, as a flavoring and as a yellow dye. Many scholars and to its beauty in the landscape. During Biblical Ancient times it would abound in Israel and the name saffron in hebrew is usually applied only to the stigmas and part of the flower, which are plucked out and dried and is very costly.

Biblical Inspiration:

Song of Solomon 4:14 nard and saffron, calamus and cinnamon, with all trees of frankincense, myrrh, and aloes, with all choice spices.

Psalms 104:15 wine that gladdens human hearts, oil to make their faces shine, and bread that sustains their hearts.

We infused Saffron stigma stems in Israeli prickly pear that is call the Barbary fig or pear and Sandalwood Fruit seed Oil, in Israel, the prickly pear is called Sharon’s fruit or Catus fruit ie. Sabra fruit. we also added Israeli Argan oil grown and produced in the Jericho Valley of Israel. This beautiful combination creates an ageless elixer serum that is divine for skincare. Also helps soothe itching dry skin, moisturizes dry skin and make skin feel very supple to restore that youthful feel to dry dull skin. A few drops is all you need!

It encourages renewal of cells, is used to nourish dry skin, may slow the process of the appearance of wrinkles, and for this reason it is added to luxury creams. The oil is known to help heal scars, chickenpox, acne, psoriasis, burns, skin diseases and dryness of the scalp.

The oil combination can be used for hair care: it gives hair volume, a sheen, softness, and helps join split ends. The oil helps strengthen split and broken nails. Some people use this oil to relieve painful joints and rheumatic pains.

About This Oil Serum Blend:

Saffron is water, not necessarily fat-soluble. The lactic or tartaric acid attacks the cells of the saffron threads and closes flavor and color strength more in water. However, it will take longer for saffron to leave its imprint in the oil compounds. Saffron does seem to like Prickly Pear oil, Sandalwood Seed Oil, Argan oil, and FCO ( please note FCO is not in this serum formula). In the oil, you only want the imprint of its healing beneficial properties, and aroma, not so much for its color and flavor. The water dissolves the stigmas completely which can be used as a tincture and or as a water-soluble medicine. So to create an oil infusion it takes a very long time to process and that is why it is an EXCLUSIVE unique blend when done properly. On occasions, you will find olive oil infused with saffron for cooking and even that is Very Rare!


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