Complete Body and Soul Spiritual Aromatics Studies $475 We are full! Taking NEW students Fall 2019


Complete Body and Soul Aromatic Studies
  • Requires prior completion of “Basic Aromatherapy Course” course
  • 3-6 month course with 12 lessons/PDF textbook, one lesson per 1-2 weeks or 1 lesson a month your choice.
  • 2 DVD recorded classes
  • Homework and Creative Writing submitted
  • Book List with supplementary Reading
  • 8-10 required essential oils
  • Spiritual Nutrition for the mind and body
  • Biblical laws on creating good health
  • Mystical concepts according to the Torah and Jewish Sages resources
  • Thesis on Spiritual and/or Mystical Aromatics theme submitted
  • Hebrew Vocabulary of Torah Aromatic words and concepts
  • How to assist clients in spiritual struggles
  • Certification provided upon successful completion of the course

Please note there are no partial payments or refunds on these courses once the student packet has been shipped.

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