Israeli Prickly Pear (Desert Fig) Israel



We have prickly Pear from Israel 10ml for $32

ONE INGREDIENT: 100% PURE Organic Prickly Pear seed Oil, Virgin Cold pressed, unrefined with no chemicals or fillers
AMAZING HEALING PROPERTIES: repairs damaged skin cells and reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles due to its in high concentration of Vitamins (E & K) and Fatty Acids
FAST ACTION & RESULTS for moisturizing and softening while restoring skin’s elasticity. Prickly Pear Seed Oil is Light, non-greasy and absorbs very well. It is ideal for mature and dry skin
POWERFUL SOURCE OF ANTIOXIDANTS it is ideal for dark under-eye circles and Hyper pigmented Skin. It can also be used to repair Severely Damaged Hair
Super good for aging skin! Brings back the soft supple feeling to skin and is deeply moisturized.


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