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Ancient Ketoret Purple Ink 30ml (דיו שרף) Ketoret Ingredients MADE IN ISRAEL Very Rare – Bible Based Botanicals and Oils Artisan Crafted Organic Purple Red Dye



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Ancient Purple Ink 30ml

#1 choice for signing Ketubah

דיו שרף


Very Rare 

Made with Ketoret Ingredients from Holy Land Bible of Based Botanicals and Oils

Artisan Crafted Organic Purple Red Dye

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Made from Flower, Bark, Resins, and Essential Oils. A Proprietary Blend From Israel. Made with Ketoret Ingredients, Balsam of Gilead resin Extract, Saffron flower stigma extract, Frankincense Sacra Resin extract, Katef Myrrh resin extract, Amber essential oil, Gum Resin Arabic extract, Raidax root, Oud Wood and Resin extract, Cistus absolute oil and 18 drops of Ketoret Essential Oil Blend in each batch`. this formulated Bible ink write very smooth.

Saraf in hebrew is another Hebrew name for the kumus resin. The Gemara (Shabbat 23a): “All gums are suitable for ink, and the sap of the balsam tree is the best.” Rashi explains: “Saraf gum, saraf katef,  proniel [from the Old French prunelier, the wild plum. The list of the trees, of which we make sap for ink, dye, and medicine.” (see Steinsaltz Tractate Shabbat page 94)

According to Rabbenu Tam (Tosafot Shabbat 23a): “All saps are suitable for ink” Rashi explained: saraf means angel of the Incense but also means gum [kumus], and this did not seem likely to Rabbenu Tam, for ink is not gum. There is no way to introduce gum into our ink so the saraf is moisture from trees ie resin, to make our ink.” According to Rabbenu Tam the Gemara’s saraf is the liquid essence obtained from cooking or cutting the wood that separates the resin from the tree.

According to halacha only Tefillin, Mezuzah, and Torah Scroll are written with black ink and any other such as a Ketubah can be written and signed in any color.

This is an all-natural Bible-based permanent dye ink that is perfect for couples signing their Ketubah or use for the art of their ketubah. Couples can incorporate their own oil blend into the dye ink by adding a drop of their favorite essential oil or blend. Contact us if you need a custom blend.

Because this is a dye do not drop it on clothing. A tiny amount goes a very long way. Suggest a quail feather made to write with or a professional calligraphy pen. See our Jerusalem Morano Hand-blown Glass Caligraphy Pen 

DIY  Bible/Torah art projects, and written crafts on any paper or porous parchment or klaf. I have personally used it on Custom made Art Tambourine in a variety of Aromas for Kalla (bride) and her bridesmaids.

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