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Often I get asked this questions “What is the difference between Alchemist and Apothecary? And what does the Torah/Bible say? Many people do get them mixed up! So which one is found in the Bible/Torah and which one is not?

So Apothecary is found in many texts such as Exodus 30:25 ; 37:29 ; Eccl 10:1 and 1 Samuel 8:13. The term Alchemist is not in the Bible at all. Today the two are grouped together to mean the same but that is a mistake. The Apothecaries are someone who makes natural medicine not only for its medicinal properties but also for its aroma.

They are also natural perfumers who also made the Holy anointing oil and the Holy Temple Incense. they were the herbalists of the ancient world. The most famous apothecary medicine and perfume was made by Moses and later the Priest Aventus family who followed the instructions of G-d to make the Holy Incense of Ketoret that kept all of G-d people well and without health issues. Women as far as Jericho would have the aroma of Ketoret in their skin. Israelites smelled really divine literally.

The Alchemists are those who mix to create something not natural and do so without care of the aroma either. Notice smell is not a factor. Creating things that have no real therapeutic use. An alchemist is someone who studies the processes of transforming matter, such as by using chemicals or other agents to change the natural properties of substances to the unnatural.

You often will find this description “An alchemist is someone who practices alchemy, which is the ancient art of transforming base metals into gold and finding the elixir of life. Alchemy is a philosophical and spiritual practice that originated in ancient Egypt and was popularized in Europe during the Middle Ages.” However, it is much more than this description it is a completely unnatural process.

In other words, mixing things together that should not be together. Playing G-d. Some of the most famous people were alchemists who were involved with various cults and much of Western medicine is influenced by this practice. Sadly originally medicine was natural and came from Apthecary practices.

An apothecary is a person who prepares and sells medications and drugs. The word apothecary comes from the Latin word “apotheca,” which means a storehouse or a repository. In hebrew the word is רָקַח Raka meaning compounders of natural healing ointment; as a professional name, mixer, perfumer.

Apothecaries were common in Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and they were responsible for preparing and dispensing medicines. But once alchemists got involved medicine was no longer natural. It became harmful and was used to cast spells which we know now as side effects of these unnatural compounds.

You can find when the Alchemist practice was introduced to mankind thousands of years before it was called by this name. There is another form called witchcraft too when cantations are added to the process of Alchemist practice. The oldest texts from the book of 1 Enoch describe the fallen angels (1 Enoch 6-8) about what they introduced to mankind.

The story of fallen angels begins in the Torah Genesis chapter 6 and seems so out of place. Then the book of Enoch gives more details to the story about how these fallen Angels would teach humans “magical medicines (i.e. Alchemy) and, incantations (i.e. witchcraft), the cutting of roots (cutting and grafting plants that are not meant to be mixed) and about plants (the word there is shatnez in Hebrew mixing together the forbidden).” Shatnez is described as mixing linen with wool in the Torah.

A plant material mixed with animal material See Deuteronomy 22:11 and Leviticus 19:19.This certainly was not the same medicinal use of plants taught to Adam in Gan Aden (Garden of Eden) by G-d. Today this warped medicine is known as Pharmakia in Greek in English pharmaceutical medicine which was born from alchemist and witchcraft. A mixing of shatnez something unkosher unnatural. One more thought it was not an accident these fallen angels wanted to marry human women. A kind of mixing of something unnatural.

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