White Hyssop Savory Zuta Levana 10ml Maceration Essential Oil זוטה לבנה Botanical Name Micromeria fruticosa


White Hyssop 10 ml High Quality

זוטה לבנה – Micromeria fruticosa known as Zuta Levana

Israeli Distilled and locally grown

From Shefela Israel

Botanic Name: Micromeria fruticosa.


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White Savory Hyssop 10 ml Pure Maceration Essential Oil
Botanical name –Micromeria fruticosa
זוטה לבנה –   Zuta Levana
Introduced in 2004
Native plant to the Holy Land
Botanical Name: Name: Micromeria fruticosa.
High Quality White leaf Savory Zuta Levana blended with Israeli Golden Jojoba Oil
Micromeria fruticosa, commonly known as White Micromeria, White Zuta, or White-leaved Savory, is a dwarf evergreen shrub endemic to Israel and the eastern Mediterranean. It is a member of the genus Micromeria, of the Lamiaceae family. It is known as Zuta Levana in Hebrew and ashab a-shai in Arabic.
Aroma: Camphorus, minty, and green sage spice. In addition to pulegone, the other main chemical constituents found in this oil naturally are D-Limonene, Piperitone, Mentalactone, Guaiacol, Menthol, and Mentone.
Not recommended for women pregnant and nursing. 

This amazing essential oil is from organic healing plants grown locally grown in the Holy Land. The Essential Oil is distilled during the summer when the plant reaches its maximum yield.

When a plant grows in a particular environment, the plant takes all its nutrition from the soil as well as the characteristics of the Land. When you buy oil from Israel, you are receiving the actual essence of the Land in the oil. 

Whenever you use our oils you will always be putting a bit of Israel on your skin. Just think when you diffuse Israeli oils you bring That aroma into the air of your living space which is like being in the Holy Land of Israel.

This plant can be found in Gallilee, Upper Jordan Valley, Northern valleys, Gilboa, Carmel, Samarian mountains, Judean mountains, Sharon, and Shefela.

You may dilute further in a carrier oil for cough chest rub for children, for a digestive tummy rub for children, cooling anti-bacterial, and is anti-viral. Ease joint pain and eases inflammation. We love mixing this with a drop of blue tansy oil to decrease swelling and inflammation quickly.


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