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Shevtim Yisroel -Twelve Tribes of ISRAEL® TM Essential oil Blend 15ml


AYTZ CHAYIM IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE 5ml Exclusive and Limited From Israel

Shevtim Yisroel -Twelve Tribes of ISRAEL Essential oil Blend
שנים עשר שבטים ישראל

Twelve essential oils blend according …


AYTZ CHAYIM IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE 10ml Exclusive and Limited

Shevtim Yisroel -Twelve Tribes of ISRAEL ® ™

Also known as Choshen Blend  ® ™  And Tribes ®™ (Essential oil Blend)
שנים עשר שבטים ישראל

Twelve essential oils blend according to each of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. In this 5ml blend are as follows:

8mls of  100% Whole Essential oils blended with a 2ml base of Fractionated Coconut Oil. This is a ready to use immediately blend.

REUBEN – Jordon Myrrh
SIMEON -Cinnamon
LEVI – Samaria Spikenard
JUDAH- Judea Etrog
DAN – Iran Galbanum
NAPHTALI – Joppa Orange

JOSEPH- Oman Frankincense
GAD -India Sandalwood
ISSACHAR – Negev Cistus
ZEBULUN – Cypress


Citrus top note
Spicy-middle note
Woods bottom note

Based on the blessings and section of land given to Each tribe. Each assigned oil describet the mood and Character of each Tribe. Together blended and smell like a exotic fruit without a name. Midrash teaches us that this blend is the smell of the fruit of the Tree of Life in Gan Aden (Garden of Eden). Based on the teaching of the twelve fruits in Isaiah11:1-5 This special blend is one of kind researched, patened, and blended from Israel. Nothing can compare the scent of this unique high quality pure essential oils blend.

The Torah teaches that the breastplate (choshen) of the Cohen Gadol (High Priest) should never be loosened from the his ephod (apron) Exodus 28:28
The Choshen was worn on the heart of the High Priest. The Hebrew letters making up the word Ephod equal 85 which is the same numerical value of the word for mouth – peh.

According to the Degel Machaneh Ephraim, we learn from this verse that the Choshen, symbolizing the heart, should always be attached to the Ephod, symbolizing the mouth. In other words, when we speak, our words should closely correspond to what is in our hearts. What is in our hearts is our prayers.

Calm Balance, Soothing, Fresh, and Enlightening.



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