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Seven Species of Israel Oil ®™ Blend

שבעת המינים Shiv’at HaMinim Eretz Yisroel



100% Pure Organic Ingredients of 

1.Grape Seed Oil, 2.Barley Seed Oil, 3.Wheat Germ Oil, 4.Pomegranate CO2 Oil, 5.Fig Seed Oil, 6.Israeli Olive Oi, 7.Desert Date Seed Oil, and with added Sweet Almond Oil & Brabary Fig Oil. Blended with Essential oils of Sweet Etrog Citron Essential oil Honey Abs essential oil with organic beeswax and whipped hemp seed butter.

Wheat Germ Oil

The ancient Israelites cultivated both wheat and barley. These two grains are mentioned first in the biblical list of the Seven Species of the land of Israel and their importance as food in ancient Israelite cuisine is also seen in the celebration of the barley harvest at the festival of Shavuot and of the wheat harvest at the festival of Sukkot. The sages tells us “if one grain of wheat falls to the earth and does not die it will remains alone and will grow no more, but if the grain dies and goes back to the dirt of the earth it will bear much fruit and harvest will be much.”

Benefits: Antioxidant And Anti-Aging Properties,Reduced Bad Cholesterol,Repairs Tissues, Boosts Energy,Regulates Nervous System,
Prevents Birth Defects,Prevents Skin Problems, Fights Fat Accumulation,Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Level and Improves Overall Health

Exodus 9:32, Numbers 18:12

Barley Seed Oil

A hardy cereal that has coarse bristles coming from the ears. It is widely cultivated, mainly for use in brewing and stock feed and making soups. In this blend we use the Barley seed oil.

Benefits: Antioxidant, Overall Heart Health, Reduced Bad Cholesterol, Repairs Tissues, Boosts Energy, Regulates Nervous System,
Prevents Birth Defects,  Skin Problems, Fights Fat Accumulation, Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Level, and May Lowers Cholesterol

Hosea 3:2, Exodus 9:32, and Ruth 3:17

Grape Seed Oil

Grapes were used mainly for the production of wine, although they were also eaten fresh and dried. Many people turn to grapeseed oil when they are struggling with arthritis, inflammatory conditions, dandruff, diabetes, eczema, dementia, split ends, a weak immune system, and high blood pressure, as well as those at high risk for cancer and chronic diseases. 

Genesis 40:40, Genesis 49:11, lev 25:5, Lev 25:11, Numbers 13:20, Number24:21, Song of Songs 2:15, and Song of Songs 7:7

Fig Seed Oil

Figs were cultivated throughout the Land of Israel and fresh or dried figs were part of the daily diet. A common way of preparing dried figs was to chop them and press them into a cake. Figs are frequently mentioned in the Bible

Benefits: Protects the eyes, preventing macular degeneration, Reduces the risk of heart diseas, Promotes the proper functioning of the liver and kidney, Lower chance of oxidation and cell damage , Greatly improves the quality of the skin, Helps to eliminate toxins from the body, Excellent natural anti-inflammatory, Strengthens and hydrates hair,Decreases and regulates blood pressure, and Develop a healthy pregnancy.

Isaiah 38-:21, Nahum 3:12,1 Samuel 25:18, 1 Samuel 30:12 and 1 Chronicles 12:41, Songs of Solomon 2:13

Pomegranate Seed CO2 Oil

Pomegranates were usually eaten fresh, although occasionally they were used to make juice or wine, or sun-dried for use when the fresh fruit was out of season. They did play a major part in Israelite cuisine and were symbolically important, as adornments on the hem of the robe of the high priest and the Temple pillars, and embossed on coinage.

The main properties of pomegranate seed oil are as follows: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, nephroprotective, hepatoprotective, neuroprotective, anti-pancreatitis, anti-cancer, anti-tumor, immunomodulatory, enhancing carbohydrate metabolism, reducing insulin resistance, anti-atherosclerotic, antidiabetic, Lowers chance of obesity  and serum lipid-lowering.

For over 5,000 years, human beings have cultivated pomegranate for its medicinal properties. Juice, seeds, leaves, flowers, bark and roots of pomegranate have several therapeutic effects, among them: lowering fever, treating high blood sugar levels, anthelmintic, anti-diarrhea, blood tonic, stopping the bleeding, and healing ulcers.

Pomegranate juice and seeds oil, are helpful in the treatment of stomach-ache, and Seasonal sniffles and viruses, and suppressing the reproduction of some cancer cells.  In addition, pomegranate seed oil is as a potent natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, both internally and externally.Topical application of pomegranate seed oil is helpful to soothes dermal inflammations such as acne, sunburn, psoriasis, and rosacea.  Besides, it helps accelerate wound healing and promote healthy circulation. Pomegranate seed oil favors health of skin by supporting cellular regeneration.

1 Kings 7:18 , 1 Kings 7:20 ,1 Kings 7:42 ,2 Kings 25:17 ,2 Chronicles 3:16,2 Chronicles 4:13 ,Song of Solomon 4:3 ,Song of Solomon 4:13 ,Song of Solomon 6:7 ,Song of Solomon 6:11 ,Song of Solomon 7:12, Song of Solomon 8:2 ,Jeremiah 52:22

Olive Oil

The olive was a major element in the seven species. Olive oil was used not only for food and for cooking, but also for lighting, sacrificial offerings, ointment, and anointment for priestly or royal office.

These benefits are mainly due to their natural therapeutic properties, which include: antioxidant, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, antiaging, astringent (mild), emollient, cardio protective, anti-atherosclerotic, antimicrobial, antitumoral, and anticancer properties, and some research shows it may interact with cellular and molecular pathways.

Zechariah 14:4, 1Samuel 10:1, Genesis 8:11., Exodus 23:11., Exodus 27:20, and Exodus 30:24.

Date Seed Oil

Dates were eaten fresh or dried, but were used mostly boiled into thick, long-lasting syrup called “date honey” (dvash temarim) for use as a sweetener. The honey in the Biblical reference of “a land flowing with milk and honey” (for example, Exodus 3:8) is date honey. Today Date seeds are powdered down and used as sweetener for food and cosmetic use. The health benefit are wonderful.

Benefits:  Lowers DNA damage, Useful in treating blood sugar problem, Antiviral Agents, Lowers risk of kidney and liver damage, Antioxidant, Skin Benefits, Thickens Hair, Fights Free Radicals, Boosts energy, Heart Health, Moisturizes Hair and Slows Premature Greying.


While in Jewish law dates are under the category of the seven species bee honey may have been the type of honey that is referred to in the Hebrew Bible. By the time the Talmud was written honey bees were abundant in Israel but not easily retrieved since these bees were high in trees and mountain cliffs and hillsides, and dates were used in place of bees honey, the excavation of Tel Rehov shows that beekeeping was practiced in Israel in the early Iron age 3000 years ago during the time of king David.

Several accounts in the Hebrew Bible also indicate that bee honey existed in ancient Israel, in the Book of Judges Samson takes honey from a bee hive that he finds in the carcass of a lion. Judges 14:8-9

At Tu B’Shevat almonds are added to the seven species to be the 8th species to eat during this minor holiday. Tu B’Shevat is a reflection of the high Holiday Rosh Hashanna the New Year since creation.

We added Etrog Essential Oil because of the sweetness in aroma and beauty of this Fruit. It gives our blend that grace and elegance. For Centureys Etrog has been used as a perfume and medinal blends. This Citron beauty is call the goodly fruit and also represents the Jewish people and the Holy Land We added Babary fig (Israeli Prickly Pear) to represent modern Israel people who are described as Sabra Prickly on the outside but sweet on the inside. Organic Bees Wax from the Golan Heights and Jericho Valley


All these oils together create an incredible and ultimate skin care moisturizer, massage oil for pain and sore joints, heal skin issues, such as dryness and scar marks. Powerful blend for sore muscles, Opens the heart and mind, increase blood flow, lowers blood pressure a and balances hormones. Purify blood cells and more. This oil blend is the best of Israel in a bottle.

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