Purple Rose Essential Oil/ Maceration Shemen RARE

Rosa de Richelieu is also known as Rose Van Sian, Provins Rose, and Rosa Cardinal de Richelieu

10ml- Organic Wild Harvested

Antique Rosa Family of Roses

Grown and Made in Israel

Highly fragrant purple rose petals are macerated into Fractionated Coconut Oil for 30 days, strained, and then the process is repeated three more times.  This is a fully double, fragrant, deep burgundy-purple flowers that will make you think you are standing in an heirloom rose garden. 

These purple roses are given as a symbol of love at first sight. This rose is a newly engaged couple’s way to express that they are enchanted by their beloved’s beauty and behaviors and chose them as their lifetime companion in marriage bliss. This rose color is also traditionally associated with royalty.

This is one of the darkest-flowered roses from the oldest class of garden roses, the gallica family of roses. They are in bloom from spring to early summer. Introduced in 1840. Vigorous growth is hardy and is highly fragrant. This variety was introduced in 1847. They grow all over the world including Asia and the Middle East

Oils can be extracted from natural and organic sources, from fruits, vegetables, and plants with beautiful aromatic compounds. Although they are generally extracted by distillation, other processes can also be used depending on the plant and depending on how much materials need to create certain oils. 

Since it takes a lot of roses to distilled and make just 1 oz of essential oil it is cost-effective to draw the aromatic properties from the flower by using the maceration cold extraction Ancient shemen method instead and because it is from the whole flower it is still an essential oil because those molecules are in there along with the larger molecules that are lost in steam distillation, plus it is ready to use without additional dilution. This essential oil is vegan, contains no allergens, and is made from organically grown and wild harvested purple roses.

Text of inspiration

Song of Solomon 2:12 The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.

Benefit: Wear as a natural perfume, relaxing, heart-opening, warm, expression of love, boosts confidence, relieve pain due to sore muscles. Perfect for making beautiful rose lotion, creams, and serums for skincare.


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