Moshe’s Beard Oil®™ 15ml



Moshe’s Beard Oil®™

Jewish men must care for their beard and not cut their beards. In Hebrew the beard symbol of wisdom, maturity, and strength.
Lev 21:5 “They shall not make bald patches on their heads, nor shave off the edges of their beards, nor make any cuts on their body.”

This Formulated Beard oil blend is moisturizing and lightweight oil ideal for the daily maintenance of the skin and beard. Perfect for all skin and hair types, this oil mimics your skin’s natural moisturizers, absorbs quickly, strengthens hair and leaves your beard with a subtle shine and soft feel. Our unique therapeutic Organic essential oils blends naturally condition hair and act as an aromatherapy aid with a subtle, beard-appropriate scent that is not overpowering that even women love this on her man’s beard too.

Ingredients are:

Israeli Argan Oil,
Israeli Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil,                                                                                                                     Israeli Cucumber oil

Essential oils of  Lemon Balm (Melissa) Israel, Patchouli India, Sandalwood Mysore India, and Lavender Israel, with Israeli Distilled resin of  Frankincense Boswella Caterri Samalia

Comes with a hand carved and cut Cedar wood or Olive wood beard comb (shape and design may vary)

If you want larger size please contact me. This is limited in supply

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