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Linen Tzitzit set ציצית פשתן כשרה Handspun by Rivka Sari ( full set white cords with 4 Tekhelet colored cords) KOSHER Shatnez free certified



Introducing a 100% pure kosher linen tzitzit set with Techelet blue natural dyed shamash strings! Each set contains 4 sun dyed fringes and 12 natural fringes. These cords (מיתרי כף יד) are made of Kosher 100% Irish Linen are high quality 8- (ply) strand.

The raw flax are imported directly from Northern Ireland, which is easy to tie because it is lightweight but thick and sturdy and has the hashgacha of certified100% Shatnez free with the quality of heredit Jerusalem. We are the only kosher linen Tzitzits retailer. All our cords checked by the Shatnez Lab and certified.

None of our cords are dyed with synthetic dyes or indigo plant dye. We use only 100% natural dye made from a plant-based sources that approved.

All our cords are handspun with lishma for the intent to be used for the mitzvah of tying tzitzits
(Extraction of the dye and the dyeing itself are natural processes done by hand. As a result, there may be some variations in the shade of color.)

To prevent bal tosif see proper care instructions that are included.
All our sets of tzit tzit are made with the highest kavannah and hiddur mitzvah.

PLEASE NOTE; All our;tzitzt sets do not come pre-tied because it’s considered preferable to do a mitzvah yourself and because it teaches you about the mechanics behind the tzitzit and heightens your awareness of the tzitzit, which are really the essence of the mitzvah of wearing a tallit. After all, the tzitzit are really the raison d’tre of the tallit and tallit katan.
Color may vary due to screen resolution on different computers screens or
פינות מי ריבקה שריס ®

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