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Lilac Leaf עלה לילך High-Quality Maceration Essential Oil 10ml Made in Israel Syringa vulgaris



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Lilac Leaf High-Quality Maceration Essential Oil

עלה לילך 


Syringa vulgaris


Aroma is leafy green bite, with soft honeyed notes very fragrant bright green oil oil

We used  golden Israeli Jojoba Oil. This oil is full of phytonutrients, antioxidants, and naturally occurring Vitamin A palmitate.  However, when infused with the essence of lilac from the simple exhalations of living leaves and stems, it becomes a lovely perfume that kisses your skin with its delicate scent.

This elegant aroma comes from the extraction of 7 times recharging the Jojoba Oil base to capture the elusive scent that cannot be captured or produced in traditional methods such as steam distillation. We do get a nice hydrosol but even that is not capturing the whole essence.

The leaves and stems are carefully applied onto the base oil of Jojoba, while they exhale their gorgeous elegant aroma. Then these leaves are diligently recharged with new leaves and stem regularly every 18-24 hours for 30 days or more, to coax these leaves and stems to exhale their true scent. The end result is a deep rich green oil

Benefits and Uses: Enjoy as a natural perfume by massaging a small amount to a few pulse points, Great to hydrate and conditioning the skin and hair. Perfect for lifting the mood and adding to your favorite delicate florals such as daffodil, Jasmine, magnolia, honeysuckle, and gardenia, and is lovely with lilac lavender.

Keep in a cool place or a refrigerator to preserve freshness. Store away from direct sunlight, bright lights, and high temperatures.

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