Ketoret Temple Incense 1.7 oz Pocket Jar **Shabbat Havdalah Service Ceremony. This is not for burning, this is to be used for “Aroma Experience” only!


Shabbat Havdalah Service Ceremony.

*This is not for burning, this is to be used for “Aroma Experience” only!

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Temple Incense Pocket Jar

1.7 oz Jar of Blended non- grounded incense ingredients 

Comes with Ketoret Pitum prayer card.



The Temple Institute has researched the source of the incense components for many years and has now reached the conclusion as to what those 11 components are.

The glass jar contains a mixture of these incense components (NOT GROUNDED together) and is ideal for use during prayer, or meditation. It makes a perfect besamim for the weekly havdalah (conclusion of the Sabbath) ceremony.

Ingredients are balsam resin, cloves, galbanum, cassia, frankincense resin, myrrh resin, spikenard (nard -interpreted as lavender), saffron, costus, cinnamon leaf, and bark

NOT TO BE USED FOR BURNING! This is to be used for Aroma Experience only during Havdalah Ceremony or during Davening (prayer)

Please Note: It is forbidden to reproduce the sacred Temple GROUNDED  incense  (NOT OILS) according to the precise instructions received by Moses and handed down by our sages for use outside of the Holy Temple. All Temple Institute’s incense products are created with care not to violate this sacred principle of Torah and can be enjoyed for personal use. This does not include essential oils for healing which is permitted by Halacha and Jewish law.


Ketoret daily Prayer


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