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Focus  Synergy®™ Blend Essential oil


Israel/ USA

This blend was created for one of our clients ( Ms. Lopes) for her grandson who has been diagnosed with ADHD. In 2016  Ms. Lopes reports that she was seeing an improvement in her grandson’s behavior. The key to ADHD is also addressing the diet of anyone who was diagnosed. Doing so along with using this blend will increase better results.

We created a special blend for memory retention & mental alertness and stress relief which is what her grandson really needed. This blend may also boost low energy and reduce shock due to injury. beneficial for feeling weak, fatigue, and headaches and known to be anti-infectious, stimulating the nerves and reduce stress. So,  it might be a good idea to use this blend when studying.  Smelling it again just before being tested on the material studied as it has been known to help with recall. 

Dr. Dembar’s research of the University of Cincinnati discovered when students inhaled peppermint essential oil their mental accuracy increased by almost 30%. This is why we added just a few drops to our blend. Too much will overtake the blend.

Interesting to note that the corpus collosum is the fibers in the brain that go between the two sides of the brain and run from front to back of the brain in the middle much like the core of an apple.  If you cut open a real human brain, you can see women have a larger corpus collosum.  These are communicating fibers, like highways connecting the two main halves of the brain so they work together and the tracts coming from the body to the brain.  They transmit information between the two halves and the body. 

Women have a bigger corpus collosum than men.  This means we have more fibers connecting the two sides of our brain and the brain to the body working at the same time.  We don’t have bigger brains, just more connections that we process every second. 

This helps us multitask and pay attention to the baby crying or breastfeeding baby, the cooking of food on the stove, the person on the phone, and the door bell ringing, it might make it harder to focus on any one of those things and make a decision, but women are aware of all of those things at one time and will act to address each one of those things. 

This also may be where people get the concept that men have a one-tract mind.  Men do have less fibers communicating at one time to distract them.  Not less than or better than, just different than women. Boys and Men do seem to suffer more ADHD than Women and it might be because of those communication fibers become limited and feel scattered when the fibers are too many, but this is just theory.The point is Men and women both need some focus and concentration get an important task finished.


Diffuse.  Rub across the brow, on the collar bone, back of the neck and on temples and wrists.  Apply a drop to your left palm, rub your right palm in a clockwise direction, then cup palms over your nose and inhale to relax the body by taking 10 deep breaths through the nostrils and exhaling out the mouth.


Vetiver, Cedarwood Atlas, Lavender, Frankincense b. sacra, Sweet Basil, Marjoram, Peppermint, Roman Chamomile, Rosemary, Cardamom, Helichrysum Gymnocephalum.


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Published on: Mar 19, 2016 @ 02:44


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