Confidence ®™ Synergy Essential Oil Blend 5ml



Confidence ®™ Synergy Essential Oil Blend



This is a Proprietary Blend not all ingredients are listed on bottle and only some ingredients are listed here.

Frankincense sacra, Frankincense Caterii, Frankincense neglecta, Rose abs, Blue Spruce, Joppa Orange Ylang Ylang, Myrrh, Vanilla, Lavender Nard, Patchouli, Rue, Ho Wood, and Blue Tansy. In a base of Jojoba Oil.

Top Note: Spicy Tangy Citrus

Middle Note: Woodsy Floral

Bottom Note: Spicy Sweet Resin

Help you let you go of anxiety, boost self esteem. Blend is designed to provide a burst of confidence whenever you might need one. Whether you have a big presentation or are not feeling like your best self, a self esteem synergy blend that helps you feel self-assured and ready for anything and love yourself. Release negetive energy, thoughts and fears, mood uplifying and keep a cool head.

Place a few drops into diffuser or apply a drop or two to back of neck,wrist, back of knees, and even on bottom of feet if desired.




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