Cedar of Lebanon Essentiial Oil

צורת הגבעול

Cedrus Libiani   




Steam Distilled  


From Wood, needles leaves, buds, and resin

Common name   Cedar of Lebanon
Hebrew name   ארז הלבנון
Leaf form Needle shaped
Leaf margin Entire
Habitat Forest
צורת הגבעול Round
Life form Tree
Distribution in Israel Hermon, Gallilee, Judean mountains,


Circulatory system, Respiratory clearing; Calming, Strengthening   

 The true Cedar of Lebanon is known as Cedrus libani.  The Cedar of Lebanon (cedrus libani) is a protected tree and there is no essential oil available anywhere except Lebanon in a liitle apothecary shop Houssan Al Salboun Kan . Even that shop has a supply that is very limited, we do not know for sure if the essential oil thay have is pure cedar essential oil, it could be a infusion but they are well known for it, and  it  is extremely costly to ship. 

So each year we gather as much as we can from the tree around Israel and it’s boarders to get enough to create this essential oil. Whatever falls off the tree and onto the ground we would harvest buds, leaves/needles, wood chips and tree limbs, bud needles  and of course resin drips that harden and fall to the ground. All material are distilled in Israel.  We do get permission to take only what is on the ground since the trees are protected and we even pay to come do the clean up if we have too. We also purchase any clippings and any pruning done to the trees. This is a costly process and expense for us to obtain this oil.

The smell is sweet, fresh, piney, camphorus, slight menthol but creamy full bodied essential oil. It is like smelling a Forest in the bottle. Very distinct smell.


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