RARE Cedar of Lebanon Ancient Shemen Essential oil. Infusion Maceration process 15 ml



Cedar of Lebanon 15ml RARE

cedrus libini

Synonyms: Cedrus libanitica

Family: Pinaceae (Pine Family)


Extracted from the whole plant: needles, resin, buds, seeds and wood pieces and branches (18 days process)  Sweet Israeli Almond Oil Base

It contains antibacterial properties, making it a perfect ingredient in facial washes to potentially address acne and oily skin. It’s been widely used in shampoos, since it aids in stimulating hair follicles and in relieving dry and itchy scalp. It’s also used to help treat greasy scalp and hair loss. Nausea, menstrual, urinary tract issues, digestive issues,  overall body balancing, stress and pain reliever, and more.

Cedars of Lebanon is the strong, fragrant wood used to build David’s house, Solomon’s house and much of the First Temple. It was also used along with hyssop in the cleansing of a leper’s house. It speaks of strength, permanence, wholeness and restoration.

Ps 92:12 “The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.”

About Ancient Shemen Process:

It is alot of time and effort spent to gather these materials from these precious trees. We use only use prunings and what may fall to the ground. We do not  harm any of our cedar trees grown in Israel. We make sure nothing goes to waste.

We use only ancient process of creating the best infusion maceration essential oil. A highly skilled person can bring out the very best infused oils and the healing properties are equal to distilled essential oil but come with a carrier oil. We use Fractionated Coconut Oil  Sweet Israeli Almond oil or  or some  cases we can use also  Jojoba as the solvent to absorb all the fat soluble properties of the plants or resins. 

Macerations are essential oils but more, as they have all the fat soluble parts of the plant and resins that are too large to be distilled into Essential oil compounds. The scent is not always as strong as the essential oil but in some cases are stronger depending  on the plant materials used. The essential oil properties are still there, that are very powerful compound that heals and works the same. These oils last just as long and at the same time they bring with them their own carrier oils that has an amazing shelf life. PLEASE NOTE: We do not use alcohols or any other unsafe solvents to create our maceration infusions.


 Utilizing the Ancient power of Nature’s Essence to bring balance your Spirit, to heal the Body, and awaken the Mind.~Rambam  (Jewish Doctor and  Mishna Sage in Cairo’s Jewish community  1135-1204 BCE)



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