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olden Camelina Oil 15ml size
Nickname: Faux Flax, and Wild Wheat
camelina sativa
Certified Organic

Camelina oil is obtained by extracting oil from seeds of Camelina sativa. This is a hardy crop that grows well in cold and arid climate, even in very cold environments of Canada and the Northern United States. Although it has not been as popular as other common edible oils, however, archaeological studies confirm that it was a major oil-seed crop in the ancient middle east and Europe.

Historic settlements in some places in Switzerland and Greece show signs of cultivation of this crop. Today, it is grown mainly in Canada for commercial oil extraction.
Just like other oils, Camelina oil too can be extracted in a few ways.

Cold pressed oil – It retains most of the original nutrients in the oil.

Solvent extraction – It yields better extraction, but it contains harmful solvents.
Supercritical fluid extraction.

Cold pressed Camelina oil is quite healthy and exerts a few health benefits.

Heart Health:
Camelina oil lowers blood triglyceride levels. This is good for cardiovascular health as it reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Antioxidant – Camelina oil is a strong antioxidant because of the high Vitamin E content.
Emollient – It moisturizes the skin.

Anti-Inflammatory – It strongly suggested that this oil may inhibits inflammation both topically and when used internally. Great Immune booster.

Anti-arthritic – Because of its high omega – 3 content, it can be used to alleviate pain in arthritis.

Hair Conditioner – It can be used as a hot oil treatment for hair. Ancient Israel’s secret hair & skin Oil

Omega-3 ( Alpha – Linolenic Acid ) is 35 %
Omega- 6 ( Linoleic Acid ) is 17 %
Omega-9 ( Oleic Acid ) is 17 %

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The essential oils, absolutes and carrier oils we carry. All of our products are consciously distilled by us or sourced from organic distilleries and farms that guarantee purity through gas chromatography / mass spectroscopy (GC/MS) testing. This ensures top quality, unadulterated products suitable for therapeutic use.



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