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Israeli Argan Oil שמן ארגן From Israel’s Own Argan Trees 30ml


This multi-purpose pure organic skincare product has even been proven effective in use for teen skin breakouts, extremely dry and flaky skin, cold sores, as well as for deep scarring and burns.


Israeli Argan Oil שמן ארגן

1oz Dropper Bottle  (bottle may vary in color and dropper finish but not in size)


Argan oil, the much-in-demand product of the endangered Moroccan argan tree, is now available in a hardy strain grown in Israel. Grown and produced in Galilee Moshav Netiv Hagdud.

Argan oil comes from the nut of the very rare Argan tree (Argania Spinosa), which grows almost exclusively in a small southwestern region of Morocco until now. However, there is a distinction between argan oil grown, harvested, and produced in Israel from the argan oil grown and processed in Morocco.

The farm in Israel from which this argan oil is grown and extracted only requires .50 kg of fruit/seed to produce 1 liter of pure argan oil. Israeli farmers strive to produce agricultural products which are sustainable and responsible to the land as G-d intended. Moroccan Argan Oil produced in Morocco uses 6 – 8 trees to produce 1 liter of argan oil.  Also, produce a much cleaner process product which is kosher to use on the body and hair. Now is available from the Holy Land.

This multi-purpose pure organic skincare product has even been proven effective in use for teen skin breakouts, extremely dry and flaky skin, and cold sores, as well as for deep scarring and burns.  This natural cosmetic multi-purpose pure organic argan oil has even been proven effective in treating acne, psoriasis, eczema, and cold sores, as well as for deep scarring and burns. It is used for stretch marks elimination and sunburn relief and soothing effects****

Anti-Aging: Clean face, put 3 – 5 drops of Argan oil onto fingers, and massage face morning and evening.  Argan’s high levels of Vitamin E may help to rejuvenate skin while reversing signs of aging.  Daily use of Argan Oil will aid the skin to have a naturally healthy and glowing look.

Dry Skin:  Massage into skin, especially dry areas with Argan Oil to help moisturize without harmful chemicals.  Focus on dry areas such as elbows, feet, heels, etc.  Daily treatment can result in noticeable differences within 30 – 45 days after skin cells have had time to regenerate.

Hair: Enhance hair products by adding a few drops of Argan Oil to your hair and skin care products.

Hair LOSS Reduction and Prevention:  Argan Oil may help to reduce hair loss in women.  After washing hair and towel drying, massage a few drops of Argan oil onto the scalp and leave to absorb into the scalp for a few minutes BEFORE styling.

Hair Care:  Massage Argan Oil between the palms of your hands and then apply to hair as evenly as possible and massage into the scalp.  May be used on damp or dry hair daily.  Argan oil is known for making hair soft and silky giving a radiate appearance.

Eyebrow Grooming & Prevention of Bald Spots:  Argan Oil helps to cultivate eyebrows, reduce eyebrow hair loss and prevent bald spots.  Massage the eyebrows daily with a small amount of oil to stimulate hair growth.

Stretch Mark Prevention During Growth Spurts and Pregnancy:  Massage stomach, thigh and breast areas daily with small amounts of Argan Oil (enough to cover and work in with massage) to help reduce and prevent stretch marks.

Diaper Rash:  Apply Argan Oil as the last step in the diapering process and/or apply to baby’s skin after bath and towel drying.  Do a spot patch test first to make sure there are no skin reactions which are rare with Argan Oil.

Burns, Scratches & Other Skin Irritations:  Apply a good amount of pure Argan Oil to cover the damaged skin area several times a day to help aid and speed up the healing process.  Use as a carrier oil for other essential oils such as Lavender, Neroli, Carrot Seed, and Helichrysum italicum.

Nail Strengthening:  Massage nails and cuticles with Argan Oil to provide extra moisture needed to help strengthen nails and nail beds.

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