Bee Gone®™ Essential Oil Blend
Made in Israel

Ingredients: Organic Wild Harvested Essential oils of Tobacco Abs Essential Oil, Lavender (Wild Nard) Essential Oil, Roman Chamomile Essential oil, German Chamomile Essential Oil, Blue Tansy Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oils, Peppermint (Jerusalem Mint) Essential Oil, Lemon Balm Essential Oil, Honey Abs Essential Oil, Willow Bark and Flower infused into FCO oil. You can dilute further just by adding more carrier oil. This is a great blend for first aid kit.

Everyone loves the honey, but who loves the sting? Getting stung is never a pleasant experience, but for some, it’s an outright nightmare, especially those who are allergic to bees. These little miracle incects sacrifice their lives defending their hives. So you cannot much blame them when they sting.

Growing up in the southern part of the US a sting was awful and so it was not unusual to see my parents take a dried tobacco leaf from a neighbors barn, wet it and stick it on a sting or bite. My grandmother made tobacco oil and tincture that was used specifically for bee stings and bug bites. She would also add lavender lemon balm and peppermint from our garden. In addition to the oil she would create a salve as well for us kinderlach.

Honey bees are the one variety that actually dies after stinging their victim. When the bee pulls free after stinging, the stinger and the venom sac along with the bee’s stomach contents are pulled loose, which kills the bee within minutes. It is so sad. So what do you do when you get stung and the pain begins?

One you remove gently the stingers wash area and apply immediately with clean fingers or use a q-tip. The pain and swelling should subside in just a few minutes to an hour. The area might be sore to touch so be gentle.

CAUTION: Bee or wasp stings should never be treated at home if you have severe allergic reaction. Use your epi pen and or get to the hospital immediately. Stings can be very dangerous if you are allergic sometimes life threatening if someone received too many stings all at once. This blend is for minor stings and for persons who do not have allergies to bug bites and stings. Always seek medical attention if pain and swelling worsens, you have trouble breathing or feeling choked you may be allergic in which case immediate medical attention is needed.

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