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Four Mothers of Israel Essential Oil Blends- Choose Sara Emeinu®™, Rachel Emeinu®™,Rivka Emeinu ®™, Leah Emeinu ®™ or choose All 4 Blend Set

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Attributes of Our Four Jewish Mothers 10ml size

Choose Sara Emeinu®™ 10ml Israel

Jasmine Abs,Rose of Sharon Cistus, Israeli Lavender, Negev Rose, Israeli Neroli,Frankincense Sacra, Tuberrose, Sandalwood Abs blended in Pomegranate Seed oil CO2 .

Genesis 21:6 Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.”

This blend focuses on her Midot and different attributes. Sara is the first of our four matriarchs; she devoted her life to teaching Am Yisrael the importance of Emunah and the existence of Hashem. It is said that Sara’s tent had four doors. These four doors represented four important concepts in Yahadut: Hafrashat Challah, Hadlakat Neirot, Shechinat Hashem and Hachnasat Orchim. Sara’s tent was blessed in that her candles were lit all week from one Shabbat to the next. Her doors were always open to guests, Hashem’s Shechina always rested upon her tent, and her dough for challah was always blessed. We learn that when Saraa dies, the light  in her tent is burnt out, her doors are shut, Hashem’s Shechina is lifted and the blessing over her dough disappears. The sadness of her death affects Am Yisrael and is only revived when Rivka Emeinu, our second matriarch, is introduced.

Rivka Emeinu ®™10ml Israel

Israeli Etrog, Negev Rose Abs, Israeli Honey Abs, Israeli Bergamot, Cassia, Israeli Green Mandrian, Cedar of Lebanon, Cedarwood atlas, Pomegranate Seed oil CO2

“If the girl should say to me: ‘Drink, and also I will give your camels to drink,’ she is the one You have designated for… Yitzhak.” (Genesis 24:14)

“And she said: “Drink”… and she hurried and lowered the pitcher… and she rushed and poured the water into the trough, and ran back to the well to draw for all the camels.” (Genesis 24:18-20)

This blend is to focus on Rivka’s Chesed -kindness unconditional kindness as in the story of Avraham’s servant Eliezer and Rivka. Before Eliezer had finished praying, Rivka… already came out. (Sefer Breish’t, Perek 24, posuk 15)Rivka’s kindness in giving Avraham Avinu’s servant Eliezer his fill of water and in giving Eliezer’s camels water while Eliezer was in mid-tefillah  -prayer showed that Yitzchak’s shidduch — the next Ima of B’nei Yisrael — possessed the attribute of unconditional kindness, as did Sara Emeinu.

We also focus on her strength and determination. Here is a woman (a young girl, really) who, against the odds, has learned to become a giving, selfless individual – while living amidst greedy, materialistic, selfish scoundrels.

Rivka’s independent streak becomes evident once again when her family wishes to delay her departure with Eliezer, who claims to be in service of a holy man with a mission. They ask Rivka’s opinion, and she states unequivocally, “I will go” (Genesis 24:58).

Rachel Emeinu®™ 10ml Israel

Jasmine abs, Tuberrose abs, Gardenia Abs,  Rose of Sharon Cistus, Rose abs Negev. Israeli Neroli, Frankincense Fereana, Sandalwood Abs Mysore, blended in Israeli Pomegranate Seed oil  CO2

The strength of Rachel Genesis 29:6-35:24, 46:19-25, 48:7; Ruth 4:11; Jeremiah 31:15

The focus this blend is strength and being steadfast. Sages tells us that when the Patriarchs and Matriarchs went to intercede with G‑d, who was angered by the idol that King Menashe placed in the Holy Temple, G‑d was not reconciled. Rachel then entered and said, “Master of the Universe! Whose mercy is more abundant—Yours, or that of man? Surely, Your mercy is greater. Yet I brought a rival (Leah) into my home, even though all the work that Yaakov did for my father was only for me! And when I came to the wedding canopy, my sister was brought in my place! Not only did I remain silent, but I even gave her my signs, the secret signs which Yaakov and I had for recognizing each other, so that she would not be put to shame. Though Your children have brought a rival into Your home, be silent and do not punish them.” G‑d answered her, “You have defended them well. This is the reward for your efforts and for your righteousness in having given your signs to your sister.”

This is Rachel, our mother. Rachel taught us the great importance of keeping silent when in the heat of the moment. And yet she also taught us the importance of speaking up at the right time and in the right moment. Rachel Rachel never said a word made peace and prevented arguments from happening.

It is said that Rachel and Leah were twins which is why it was hard to tell them apart, only when Yaacov looked into Leah’s eyes did he know. Only Yaacov knew the next morning and realized what Rachel had done for her sister Leah. Because of this he loved Rachel even more and desired her to be his wife thank before.

Torah, we hear her pain and frustration, but we see how she judges favorably and thinks about another’s pain without comparing it to her own. This is Rachel, our mother. Because of her merit, her silent tears and her powerful words, her children returned from exile, and will do so again.

Leah Emeinu ®™ 10ml Israel

Cinnamon, Cassia, Spikenard Green, Violet leaf, Myrrh, Cistus, Rose abs Negev. Neroli, Etrog,  Joppa Sweet Orange, Frankincense Seratta, Sandalwood abs, blended in Israeli FCO and Pomegranate Seed oil CO2

Leah’s story is told in Genesis chapters 29-31, 33-35, 46, and 49.  She is also mentioned in Ruth 4:11

Leah was a loving and faithful wife.  Even though her husband Jacob favored Rachel before he married her, Leah remained committed, enduring this unfairness through faith in God. Leah tried to make Yaacov love her through her deeds.  Her fault is a symbol for those of us who try to earn G-d’s love rather than simply receive it. Leah became a beaken of light through any trials.

The focus of this blend is to accept G-d’s love and be strengthened by it. It is love that will help you endure.

G-d does not love us because we are beautiful or handsome, brilliant or successful.  Neither does he reject us because we don’t meet the world’s standards for being attractive.  G-d loves us unconditionally, with a pure, passionate tenderness.  All we have to do for his love is accept it. Leah learns to accept G-d’s love even though she was not favored by Yaacov in her marriage. She accepted the love that Yaacov that he  did have for her and made that strengthen her accepting of G-d’s love more.



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