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Persian Cyclamen Synergy Perfume 5ml רקפת מצויה High Quality Essential Oil Inspiration Blend MADE IN ISRAEL



Persian Cyclamen Synergy Perfume- רקפת מצויה

High-Quality Inspiration Essential Oil Blend

Cyclamen persicum


This flower is protected and this is only an inspired blend to capture the aroma of Cyclamen persicum which is found growing in the regions of the Golan, Hermon, Gallilee, Mediterranean coast, Upper Jordan valley, Northern valleys, Gilboa, Carmel, Samarian mountains, Samarian desert, Judean mountains, Judean desert, and Dead Sea valley, Sharon, Shefela, Northern Negev, Negev hills and Eilat.

Ingredients of this blend are Ginger Lily, Lemon Myrtle, Bergamot, Niaouli, Oak Moss Abs, Galbanum, Ylang Ylang, Galangal, Hyacinth Abs, and Siam Sandalwood. We spend time sitting with these flowers to come to place of meeting the aroma of this beautiful flower so we can capture it in a bottle. This inspired synergy blend has no Cyclamen persicum ingredient in the formula. This blend is a proprietary blend so ingredients will not be listed on the bottle label.

Its Fragrant green floral powdery note is greeted with notes of sweet citrus spice and honeyed crisp lily-like notes. The Persian Cyclamen is a lily-like flower with lovely pink and light purple petals that greet us with their beauty from October – May. Pine forests, oak thickets, and rocky slopes are their preferred growing sites. Properly dilute before using on the skin. One drop is very strong

Hosea 14:5 I will be like the dew to Israel; he shall blossom like the lily; he shall take root like the trees of Lebanon;

Song of Solomon 2:2  As a lily among brambles, so is my love among the young women.

1 Kings 7:19 Now the capitals that were on the tops of the pillars in the vestibule were of lily-work, four cubits.


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