Nissim sometimes spelled Niseem Means Miracles ניסים

The smell of blossoms with Cedarwood, warm Patchouli, and Citrus notes will lift your mind and spirit out of gulus very quickly. This blend lifts the spirit, soothes the pains and muscle aches plus it can balance hormones. This oil blend is a blend to help you get focused on life’s miracles and appreciate all your blessings as well. You are a Miracle! Kiddushim 82b says  That “Hashem created the world for your sake”. In the month of Aviv also known as Nissan on the Jewish meaning miracle in that month was the story of Passover (Pesach). Nissan is when the Jewish people were redeemed & brought out of Egypt.

Joppa Sweet Orange, White grapefruit, Sweet Kumquat, Israeli Lemon, Ylang Ylang Extra, Frankincense  Boswella caterri, Cedarwood, Patchouli Heart Note, Jasmine, and  Violet Leaf Abs.

10ml Cobalt Blue Bottle/ Israel Pesach/Passover Favorite




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