Myrrh Resin High Quality 2oz – We “Holy Land Charged”™ our resins in Israel



Myrrh Resin
2 oz
“Holy Land Charged”™ our resins in Israel
The heavy fragrant resins was placed in a Israeli made clay jar in Israel for 18 days in a dry, cool place to absorb the energy of the Holy Land of ISRAEL and it is then packaged for market or distilled by traditional method in Israel for it lovely Essential oil. This process is what we call “Holy Land Charged” Resins. This gives our resin a higher energy and frequency for healing.
Uses: Burning for Incense, Maceration/ Infusion in a carrier oil for skincare and medicinal use. Soak in water for mouth rinse for gums. Crush for lotions, creams, and salves. There is so many ways to use.
Biblical texts: Exodus 30:34-38, Leviticus 2:15, Leviticus 5:11, Leviticus 24:7, Song of Solomon 4:6, and Song of Solomon 4:14 It was one of the ingredients in the holy Ketoret incense, burned daily by specially trained and G-d ordained priests from the Mishkan Tabernacle in the desert to Solomon’s Mighty HolyTemple The Beis HaMikdash in Jerusalem the Capital City of Israel.
This superb Myrrh gum comes directly from Somaliland. This Myrrh is Superior in quality. It is darker and amber red in color. Our batch is extremely fresh and very high quality. We source our resin only from sustainable and organic source.
Myrrh is characterized by its ultra-sweet, powdery resinous smell. It’s warm, spicy, and a curious mix of both dry and sticky. There’s a deep woodsy background, but the predominant smell is sweet, warm spice. Somehow, even though it has that spiced feel, myrrh does have a sweet honey smell. However, its sweetness makes it an excellent pairing with fruity notes, and of course it complements its partner frankincense (a fresher scent) very well. Myrrh is often used to add more nuance to an amber/resin scent, and it brings some fun to more serious wood notes.
Sweet Myrrh is also called Opoponax  and known as Commiphora Myrrha—with a warm-balsamic and sweet, honey-like aroma. It is a natural oleo-gum-resin like myrrh and frankincense.Talking of perfumery in particular, Opoponax qualities from several Commiphora are widely used, especially in oriental fragrances, to impart sweet balsamic notes. Wound care, balance and purifying.

In the Middle East in general thought that adding a little myrrh to wine would make it less inebriating and less likely to produce drunkenness. They also claimed that drinking myrrh in wine would alleviate arthritis and pain. It was spoken about in the Bible.

“Give strong drink to him who is perishing, And wine to him whose life is bitter. Let him drink and forget his poverty And remember his trouble no more.”Prov 31:6-7

Beauty & Marriage – it was a popular custom to lay a bundle of myrrh on one’s chest while sleeping as a beauty treatment in preparation for a wedding.  Esther was provided oil of myrrh before her wedding.— Song of Solomon 1:13

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