Miriam®™ Essential Oil blend 15ml (also known as Miriam’s Shemen)



Miriam®™ the prophetess, Aaron’s sister, picked up a hand-drum, and all the women went out after her in dance with drums and Am Israel followed. The act of the women was the most tremendous event for the Geula of Egypt. (Exodus 15:20)

The Jewish Sages tell that we should feel excited to purchase for our family special garments, fragrances, and even prepare the drums, flutes, violin for Moshiach’s arrival like Miriam and the women who followed her expected redemption from Egypt.

So we captured the essence of “Miriam’s Dance” in a bottle. The purpose of this blend is to bring joy and a renewed sense purpose. Each oil was chosen and carefully combined to capture the feeling of dancing and celebration when you inhale the aroma. We chose Israeli Lavender because it grows in the desert with Israeli Distilled Frankincense for Middle note and Sweet Israeli Distilled and grown Myrrh, along with Patchouli heart note as our base note because Miriam danced with joy from the heart and yet she was a strong leader. We chose two cistrus oils Sweet Jaffa Orange and Lemon for that refreshing by the sea feel and uplifting top notes

Miriam Essential Oil Blend-15ml ® (TM)
Frankincense Sacra,
Israeli Lavender,
Patchouli Heart Note,
Jaffa Orange,
Israeli Lemon,


Uplifting and grounding, refreshing, exhilarating

A Passover Holiday favorite aroma blend

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